How much irony and skepticism we hear in our voice when they talk about female friendship, how much mistrust in the phrase “business woman”, and how much sarcasm when mentioning “female logic”. But at the same time, we all live together in one World. And the rules of this World are closer, of course, to those of men. Yes, women live in a masculine world and they themselves are already accustomed to the fact that the feminine in this world is ridiculed and devalued and, in revenge, the feminine began to distrust and fight against the masculine.

Men in power are natural, and women are an exception. Men have already organized, ordered, decomposed and regulated everything they could. They described this World. What is left for Women?

There are two options – to rebel and fight against the injustice of the male World, or to play with pleasure in the quest game called “The Life of a Woman in the Male World”.

For the same sake, for the sake of justice, I must say that men set not the worst rules of the game, but if you look closely and get out of the trench and push the helmet off your forehead … Yes, from time immemorial a woman was afraid and “pacified” by religion and bonfires, but she is herself I didn t really trust either. We can continue to live in this distrust of Men and ourselves, or we can do otherwise … The war always ends inside, and not in the expectation that the enemy will surrender. It s just that one of us has to stop it. And, yes, now there will be one more alleged “injustice” – we – Women must do it. I understand, I accept, I empathize with the rising wave of indignation. “Up to the stake?”, “They have us for millennia …” and our beloved “all men are good …”.

Then let s fight on? Just straighten your helmet, dear – “Our proud Varyag does not surrender to the enemy”!

But, each of us, in our depths, knows that we are tired of this war. Very. And they, Men, are also tired of disrespect for the male, passed down from generation to generation.

Let s say STOP this war. Men invented this World, rule this World, but if Women refuse to give birth in this World, it will die. This means that there is in the rules the preservation and protection of the feminine. When we are, women are ready to see it. Well, it s just that the helmet gets in the way … slipped back into my eyes …

I can say without exaggeration that the Women s Time is coming! Politics and business – everything has become available to Women and that is why now we especially need to remain Women. It is extremely important for us not to lose femininity in the heat of our social realization. We did not know, or maybe we forgot, or we were helped to forget that the ways in which we are realized are different from those of those who organized this world. The Woman has her own tools, her own ways and methods. If we live in a male World and use male algorithms, this will be a very tough World. This is the time of Kali-yuga – the Iron Age.

But after the “Iron Age”, a renewal of time begins, a new era, and it depends on what each of us chooses how long we will remain in a state of martial law. Yes, psychologically a person changes for a long time, in stages, and this process is incredibly subtle and multidimensional. Even in the Ancient World, in Greece, they understood the special role of Women in human society. The people in which the Woman is a slave will never be free. For a slave can only raise a slave. An oppressed, psychologically oppressed woman who is devalued cannot bring up a psychologically calm, confident person living with the idea of ??goodness and freedom, whether he is a Man or a Woman. Children, on the other hand, feel us, they are a reflection of us. Whether we are afraid, whether we are happy, whether we are free, whether we are afraid – children feel everything. Remember your mothers, how we felt them subtly. And how often and to this day we are ruled by what prevented them from living. Everything in the world is interconnected. And the task of the Woman is not to break ties, but to strengthen them, fill them with new content. And remember – that she is a Woman!

If we continue to fight all the time and point out to men that they do not correspond to the idea of ??masculinity, then men will step aside, and we will be forced to deal with men s affairs ourselves. We will waste strength, time, energy. What, in fact, is happening. Well, how can I stop controlling? You can t trust him! All by herself! All by herself! And then again a friendly female chorus: “The men have been translated, oh, they have been translated …” They have translated, it will be more accurate to say. They were shot aimingly from the trench, in case they would not cause pain. True, they still cause, but the illusion of control somehow facilitates perception.

What to do? Stop firing explosive bullets at their self-esteem. Do not plant mines of mistrust under the auspices of “Well, I told you so!” Stop the war within yourself. First, take care of yourself and your inner world. Bury the trenches and plant roses there. Make yourself good inside. Stop waiting for attack and betrayal. Do not perceive a Man as a “Trojan horse” for which the main thing is not to open the “gate”. To see that in this situation there will immediately be an increase in energy, which is a source of Inspiration. Learn to be inspired and inspire again. Be a Muse, not an overseer whip.

And stop the internal dialogue on the topic: “Well, what are they? I m here to work on myself, and they? ”

As soon as you plant pelargonium in that very helmet, and pour roses in the trenches, you will be surprised to find that there is no one to fight with. And Men are already passing laws to protect rose bushes at the state level. Because it is more pleasant to keep the world than to fight for it.

And now the Muse has an endless field both for rose bushes and for playing Life with pleasure.

And how to stop fighting every day and remember how to be that very Muse, we will figure it out at the “Conscious Femininity” marathon.

Our Circle is open – take your FAVORITE places!

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