A woman, in comparison with a man, is more spontaneous, her whole being is attuned to the Universe. The menstrual cycle, and the whole life of the fair half, obey natural rhythms: the phases of the moon, the change of ebb and flow … And this is only the external, physical side of correspondence.

There is also an inner power hidden in every woman, intuition. It is she who reveals to the world the Truth, inaccessible to a rational man. It is not for nothing that ancient cults exalt the goddess of nature, the Mother, who was worshiped by priests, warriors and poets.

A man can be annoyed by the seeming illogicality of his girlfriend. No wonder so many anecdotes have been invented on this topic! In fact, go to the store for a winter coat and come back with a swimsuit. Go to an important interview … and suddenly change your mind halfway, give up to the train station and take a ticket to the sea. “Oh, how feminine it is,” the men say with a touch of condescension.

And only the wise and sensitive know that a woman is subject not to linear logic, simple and convenient, but to intuition.

The famous science fiction writer Ivan Efremov, deeply immersed in the study of Eastern wisdom, wrote that only a woman can fully express the essence of the dance – its fragile, elusive magic.

The woman s dance is a reflection of Truth.

It is necessary for a woman to be in harmony with the Universe, this is the only way she can perform her beautiful dance.

And if the dance loses its natural harmony … the woman suddenly feels discomfort and inexplicable melancholy. Something makes her radically change her life: profession, city, partner, etc.

By the way, about the partner. What should it be? A harmonious pair is one where a man is for a woman, like an oak for ivy – a reliable support and at the same time grows and develops itself. In addition, he must respect the female nature and, observing the actions of his beloved, not condemn, but draw conclusions. Without realizing it, a woman will choose the right path.

What happens if a woman ignores the needs of her soul and tries to live logically, correctly, like a man? Most often, she earns herself a neurosis, and sometimes she turns from the goddess of grace Lakshmi into the destroyer of Kali!

Dear women, listen to yourself! Be attentive to circumstances and events: very often signs are given through them – something is going wrong; and tips – what vector should be chosen in order to enter the path of harmony and awakening.

Men, be wise partners for your woman, respect and accept her dance, then she will become a conductor of divine harmony and awaken the potential of a creator in you.

Lyudmila Ivanovskaya,

psychologist, trainer, specialist in the field of relations

and family constellations

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