Compliments to men are often spoken by women either unconsciously, or they try not to speak at all, so that they are not perceived in any way wrong.

But what do men themselves think of this? They are the same as women, only with a different approach to life, and love compliments no less than the fair sex. Then why, demanding attention and love from men, women seldom give them all this?

Most often, men perceive compliments not the way women want, and this is not their fault, it is just that women perceive compliments differently, without thinking about what they mean to men. A man should be the master of the house, control everything, keep up with it, but in the modern world this is difficult to do, since a woman has taken over some of the reins of government. This greatly lowers men s self-esteem, so they need compliments today much more than ever before… But what is a compliment for them? This is not only praise, but a highlight from the crowd, a crown that lifts the long-awaited words to Olympus, saying that he is doing everything right. However, such a reaction can only be expected for the right compliments. And what is the difference between them?

What should be the compliment?

The first golden rule of a good compliment is its essence. What needs to be said to make him hook, like, touch and remember?

  1. What s important. Take the prettiest boy in school, for example. Every day the girls tell him how handsome he is, and it is logical that the guy himself knows this. But beauty is important, but what would this guy want to hear? 101 times that he is beautiful, or more specifically, that he has beautiful eyes or a smile, a sharp mind, an interesting approach to life, character, and not just beauty? Praise his voice, movements, actions, knowledge: if, for example, he won an Olympiad or knows a foreign language. After all, each person has their own talents, and not just appearance. Having presented a long-awaited compliment to a man, you will automatically be included in the list of pleasant acquaintances.
  2. “Better a bitter truth than a sweet lie.” This is where all the flattering women who want to please and win his heart come across. Any man knows about himself all the advantages and disadvantages. And when a woman begins to praise him for the strength of the muscles, which in fact are not, this makes him not in a favorable light, but a woman as an ordinary fan, unable to discern his true charms. Men always recognize a lie, even if they desperately want to hear what you say, if it is not true, he will understand and will be very disappointed in you. So try to praise him for his achievements, what he knows how, and not pour compliments anywhere just to get him to notice you.
  3. Sincerity is the way to a man s heart. Let the compliment be small, for example, “you sleep nicely” or “you make delicious coffee”, but if they come from the bottom of your heart, the man will be much more pleasant than constantly hearing how strong and cool he is, which helps you carry bags. It s too mundane, trite and learned. Would you like a compliment like that? He is not a dog, he does not need to be praised for eating with a spoon or going to the store, but it is necessary to praise for certain achievements in life, like women, men want to feel strong and significant. Look for variety. Men are multifaceted personalities, they not only can pump muscles, they have souls, sometimes vulnerable, quivering, creative. They love not only football or computer games. What does your man love, what does he do? Take a closer look and you yourself will be surprised how many talents there are, how many interesting things you did not notice before.

How to Compliment?

The second important point to consider when complimenting a man is how to present it and in what voice… The voice can change the whole idea of ??a person. What do you want? Is he your brother, friend, father or lover? Try to find your own approach to every man. For a brother, a funny or perky voice is suitable, a little childish, but serious, so that the compliment does not become a joke or censure. A childish and proud voice is suitable for a father, because you are proud of him.

For a friend, choose the usual timbre, but always look into the eyes of the person, hiding your face and being ashamed of your words, you are more likely to show yourself and him in a stupid position. Confidently say what you think is right, then others will notice his talents and recognize them.

For a loved one, a lower and velvet tone is suitable, you can add a touch of sexuality if you are trying to conquer him. The fact is that the sonorous high tones are rarely taken seriously by men, unless it discourages them. And they literally take low tones for granted, so that is exactly the sound they want to hear during a compliment.

The wording should be clear and clear… Women s logic is original, but not perceived by men. You might think it will be fun to watch him solve your compliment puzzle, but in fact, after two minutes of thinking, he will get tired of it. Therefore, if you want to praise him, praise, not hint.

Nobody canceled the original approaches, even if women are sure that only they like it, but men strive for diversity no less than women. They also don t like boring socks for a holiday as praise for a nailed shelf. It is better to say not “well done, you are such a master, you nailed the shelf”, otherwise “you are amazingly good at working with wood, I am discovering more and more new things in you!”. That is, do not repeat monotonous phrases, look for your own approach to compliments.

Without compliments, a man is lost, he literally does not realize all his talents and does not see any prospects, so there must be people who will point out to a man his dignity and truly strong sides in time. And finally, do not forget that a lot of compliments is no less bad than their complete absence. If every day you praise your loved one, he begins to consider himself the king of the world and stops reaching new heights, then you need to know when to stop.

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