Recently, more and more often you can hear that it is not advisable to treat a man and a woman equally. Since a man and a woman, despite their similarity, are completely different creatures, as if they flew to earth from completely different planets. And throughout history, these differences between men and women have been emphasized by all absolutely cultures and religions. And it is no coincidence. Each of them had its own rituals, initiations, traditions, which consisted of a special attitude towards men, and a special attitude towards women. If for the uninitiated, such rituals have always been just ceremonies, then any esotericist dedicated to a particular culture knew that there is a special esotericism of relations between a man and a woman, which not only forms alliances and society, but is the fundamental life force on the entire planet. … Since the combination of masculine and feminine principles gives life not only to people, but also to other creatures in our world.

That is why the relationship between men and women has always been under the scrutiny of magicians, sorcerers, witches, fortune-tellers and psychics from time immemorial.

Over the centuries, such a huge number of rituals, techniques, practices that affect the relationship between the two beginnings have accumulated that this whole area has acquired the name “love magic”, which is still overwhelmingly popular among people, because problems in relations between men and women are eternal.

But what is the difference between the masculine principle and the feminine one, and how does the esotericism of relationships differ from other types of magical knowledge?

Let s go from the start.

Our material world is dual. And divided from the very beginning into two opposites. As a cell divides into two, giving rise to a new life, so everything in our world has the property of duality. Hot and cold; day and night; positive and negative; light and dark; happiness and sorrow; laughter and crying. And, of course, it is divided into masculine and feminine energy. Yin energy and Yang energy. That is why men and women are very different in terms of the perception of the world and energy.

The relationship between a man and a woman is not just dates, meetings, kisses, marriage, children … Such a familiar alignment of life. Relationships are, first of all, energy. And it is the harmonious interaction of these two principles that gives new life, new opportunities and, in the end, harmony on Earth.

The energy of the beginning Yin is female energy; her personification is the Earth; also – the Moon. Yin is depth, uncertainty, darkness. Yin energy is cold energy, energy that adjusts and takes forms. She is peace. She nurtures. Uncertain, and therefore able to accept. Acceptance is the main property of the beginning of Yin. The yin side is accepting, yielding, absorbing.

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Yang energy is the energy of a man. Men s energy. The personification of Yang is the Sky; also – the Sun. Yang is heat and fire. Yang is clarity, strength, form. Yang energy is heat energy, energy that gives form, that gives birth. Its main property is to give.

Every esoteric person knows that women, due to their accepting properties, are excellent conductors in the world of energy. Their sensitivity is several times higher than those of a man. That is why, in all cultures, rituals have existed and still exist that limit the natural power of a woman, and sometimes hide it from themselves. It is no coincidence that hundreds of “witches” were burned in the Middle Ages, it is no coincidence that women cover their heads in temples. Women have different vision, different thinking than men. They know how to live events without participating in them, they see farther and brighter. It is no coincidence that the word “intuition” is pronounced with the adjective “feminine”. Because it is women who hear it better.

An esoteric man is different. An esoteric man should always learn to feel. Esoteric men are very often teachers and philosophers. Very often alchemists (where magic is more rational and similar to a scientific approach to the world), men are often magicians from the mind, not from the heart. Men are better at controlling the energy that they pass through themselves, but they are much worse at recognizing the feeling itself. To hear your intuition, to tame your mind and move away from logic – men need much more time, effort, practice and even the absence of people. It is no coincidence that monks at all times were known as the most ascetic, practicing people. Men. They went to the mountains, to cells, where they grew up spiritually and changed.

Why did love magic exist at all times? Why did women so want to subordinate the nature of a man to themselves or somehow change it? Why did they find this particular method of influencing a man the most acceptable?

It s just that, despite our common nature, and even the presence of both Yan and Inya in us at the same time, many women could not understand how to interact with the energy of men. Why does a man find another, for example, or why a man and a woman are unhappy in marriage. And, often, all the damage and love spells only exacerbated the bad relationships of couples, spouses, often leading to sad consequences and even the death of one of them. Because you cannot control energy flows by force. Breaking and turning the energy crookedly and obliquely. What happens with various kinds of evil eyes, curses and love spells.

In fact, the esotericism of a man s relationship to a woman does not lie in violent magic. And in a completely different way. It is clear that at all times women wanted to feel loved, significant for men, to be goddesses and inspirers for them. But they did not suspect that female magic lies not in conspiracies and rituals, not in linings and not in spells. It lies in the true, natural qualities of a woman s deep yin nature.

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As the ancient Vedas say: a man is born as a boy, and a woman is born immediately as a woman, immediately as a divine and perfect being. What does it mean? A man, incarnating in this material world, incarnates for growth and development. Choosing a male body, the soul will go through the lesson of the formation of the spirit through the material shell. To immerse himself in spirituality from the instincts of an insensitive body and fears of the mind, he will do deeds and do deeds. He can cultivate sensuality, non-standard thinking, the power of consciousness in himself only by being inspired by a special divine being next to him, who already has these qualities in himself – a woman. Just as light is not visible in darkness, so a man cannot shine brightly outside of feminine nature and feminine wise interaction with it. This is the key and the true esotericism of the relationship between a man and a woman. But if an esoteric person understands and knows such things, then ordinary men and women, faced with problems in relationships, run to solve them to someone. But not to ourselves.

The basic rule according to the Vedas says that the most important thing for a woman is not to lose her femininity during her life. Since a woman is a feeling and perfect being, she knows how to live both in the yin energy and in the yang energies easily and naturally. But a long stay in the yang state (masculine, making, giving) threatens her with burnout and destruction of her beautiful nature.

Therefore, a woman should allow herself only a certain, respectful attitude, to match her nature. It is important to respect yourself, to love yourself, but also not to break the man next to you. But how do you do it? For example, you should not allow relationships according to someone else s scenario in your life or according to someone else s whims. There should be no violence in the relationship between a man and a woman. Otherwise, they immediately become destructive for both. It is always worth showing your joy and your displeasure by building a trusting relationship with a man – this is how a woman shows her nature to a man and teaches him sensuality and listening skills. If suddenly a man behaves unworthily with her – to show this clearly and undeniably, so that the relationship does not turn into a silence, consisting of offenses.

There can be a lot of solutions and, in general, each couple can find answers intuitively, it is not necessary that a sorcerer or esoteric should interfere in their life.

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The relationship of two people of the opposite sex – they are equal to the relationship of cosmic energies, magical and mysterious principles of Yin and Yang. And, treating herself and the man as if to the cosmos, not a single woman will have to resort to love rituals, magic, destructive conspiracies, committing them even without a specialist, but on her own.

A man is not just a person, he is a vessel with amazing energy: abundance, bestowal, protective power. And the ability to accept this is the amazing gift of the female Yin.

Esoterics of relations between a man and a woman
Esoterics of relations between a man and a woman

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