Magnets are bodies that have the ability to attract or repel other bodies (iron and steel objects, for example) due to the action of their magnetic field.

Feminine magnetism has the same principle – we can attract or repel people, opportunities and events. Just as a magnet has a magnetic field, so a woman has her energy field. This is what we call a special female energy in everyday life.

What is it? This is a whole cocktail of important female states: charm, sexuality, self-confidence, individuality, femininity and sensuality. It is impossible to say which of these qualities attracts more. Attraction is created by the combination of these qualities, which reflect the uniqueness of a woman. But there is still something that is extremely important in this cocktail!

A woman is an embodied feeling. This is the “heart” of the inner magnet. It is those feelings that we experience and cultivate within ourselves – this is what attracts or repels something in our field. Magnetism is not only the ability to attract, but also, it is the ability to inspire trust, interest and the desire to be closer. And this is responsibility, because it can be called influence. Why influence? Because it can awaken strong feelings in other people too. And here the emotional swing can have a strong amplitude.

If we cultivate and experience anxiety, insecurity, aggression inside ourselves, then we attract situations and people corresponding to vibrations. We know how to keep in the very heart tenderness, acceptance, the ability to rejoice and notice the good, then in the “rainy days of our Soul” we feel the sunlight and warmth of space support, through people and situations. What s inside is outside. This is the greatest responsibility of a woman. Be aware of your power over what you create around you and what you attract.

Unfortunately, now we women think more than we feel. We do not experience our feelings in the body, but think about them. We rationalize, disassemble and assemble our mental mosaics. It is very similar to a kaleidoscope – small stones gather into intricate patterns in a pipe, and we just watch and spin this kaleidoscope. But each pattern is our state. Unique, collected from many nuances and only at this moment. Can we admire this magic? Do we manage to live our multifaceted sensuality and sensitivity? This does not mean at all that a woman does not analyze and reason. But if she pays most of her attention to this, then she loses the nature of her magnetism.

A woman who does not choose her feelings, does not experience these feelings in her body, loses the power of attraction of her energy field. If we want to be magnetic, attractive women, we must understand our responsibility, and not just strive for power over the feelings of other people. After all, sometimes we are not very well versed in our feelings.

What kind of field am I creating? What do I attract? I strive to strengthen my magnetism so what? Do I know what to do with what I attract?

Yes, you still need to reason … Do not immerse yourself in a mental multi-level arcade game that will never end, but ask yourself honest and accurate questions. Learn to listen to the answers with all of yourself, and not formulate them only from the mind and familiar algorithms.

Why can a woman, with all her external attractiveness, not be magnetic? Because he does not know inside what to do with what will attract. What to do with male attention, for example. We are very often afraid of exactly what will turn out. For with the fact that it does not work, we have somehow learned to live. But if it works out, it will entail changes in the usual life. Relationships with family and friends may change. We so want to be an attractive woman, but what about the possible jealousy of our friends? How to deal with the fear of rejection? I want to build relationships through magnetism, and inner convictions whisper that if you are very attractive, they will envy. And the desired becomes what causes fear and anxiety. And these feelings begin to form inside the “base” of what we attract. The circle is complete. I am afraid of what I am attracting and I continue to attract it. As a result, I am afraid of myself and of what attracts me. The more energy we have, the more we attract accordingly – the more power in feelings and emotions, the more response in the energy field. How to protect yourself from yourself and your own attraction? Right! Stop feeling! Weaken gravity as much as possible. Fuhhh … Everything! The internal mine is cleared, de-energized. True, along with this, both the drive and the taste of life disappeared.

We block our own power of attraction. This is not a magnet we got by nature “defective”, but we are afraid of our own power of magnetic or do not understand the laws of female energy. Female Magnetism is a real treasure, a unique gift and skill that can be used for the benefit of yourself and the entire Universe!

Since ancient times, Women have gathered together to create a circle of the female Guardian Power around themselves, their relatives and friends. Women carried out cleansing practices aimed at getting rid of everything superfluous, sick, unnecessary, which could be in the inner and outer space, exchanged knowledge, shared their states with each other. Women thus strengthened each other and strengthened their magnetism.

I invite you, beloved ones, to gather in the Big Women s Coastal Circle on the eve of International Women s Day in order to create a safe and very healing space in which the remembrance of yourself and your Nature takes place! In this Guardian Women s Circle, the lost pieces of our Soul return, which are collected in an incomparable kaleidoscope of our sensory experiences, discoveries and revelations, which endlessly strengthens each of us.

Each of you, you, you have a place in this Circle and each of you, you, you are welcome here!

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