#one. What does it mean to be a real woman?

# 2. Who are women in essence?

# 3. What should a woman be like?

#four. What is the secret of female energy?

#five. The role of women in the family

# 6. Perfection is achievable

# 7. How does a woman affect a man?

The female energy from ancient times is considered a powerful force, the basis of the foundations, which can become salutary for the whole world. Many of us are aware of the possibilities of this resource for women. It is about attracting representatives of the stronger sex and managing them. But this requires proper maintenance of the level of such potential and its use. That in fact, not all women know.

“Woman” – comes from the word “desire”. And “man” – from the words “power” and “might.” Therefore, women can and should delight, inspire, desire and be a desirable woman, full and light. This is the energetic potential of peace along with creation, obtained through inspiration. The inner strength of women is flexible, soft, fluid, there is no pressure in it, but there is an insignificant desire for conquest and conquest. She has sensuality, helps her owners to be receptive and impulsive, as well as empathetic and compassionate.

What does it mean to be a real woman?

Feminine Energy - Photo 1A fine internal structure tuned to the frequencies of harmony with the surrounding reality, in fact, makes it possible to understand the ways to achieve internal balance. This requires constant energetic fulfillment. A real woman knows what this means and how to maintain her energy potential.

A woman has a lot in common with the element of nature. Therefore, it is so important, as women, to keep in touch with nature through communication with the 4 elements. This helps to cleanse yourself of information and energy waste, replenish your strength.

Real women always like themselves, men and the whole environment. They exude such a powerful energy of love that others are filled with. At the same time, those who are not confident in their own abilities, are not able to love themselves, turn out to be “dummies” inside. And this emptiness is visible even in the eyes.

Probably the most important thing about such a woman is her femininity. And she is a storehouse of love, vitality and abundance. Every woman should strive to become such a source for her man, children, relatives and even those around her. It is actually a huge responsibility of those born to be fulfilled, able to inspire men to do worthy deeds.

Who are women in essence?

The natural potential that women have is the psycho-emotional sphere. The whole set of feelings, sensations and emotions was given to her from birth as a talent, a gift. All physiological abilities, psyche, energy resources are aimed at realizing the true mission. She, being unusually plastic by nature, has the ability to perceive, feel even minor changes, notice the smallest details and details, as well as quickly process such information and receive valuable knowledge from this. And it was always difficult to explain it using logic and express it in words. It is much easier for a woman than for a man to look into the future, to plan her life.

Wisdom and insight were originally laid in a woman; she lives with them at the level of feelings. A true lady does not need to really explain anything. This is her gift. For every woman, such a gift is valuable, but not everyone is able to dispose of it correctly.

What should a woman be like?

Many are interested in what women should be like, with whom they decide to go through life, raise children, etc. INFeminine Energy - Photo 2 women appreciate the following:

  • Character traits

What should be the character? Female beauty is not considered to be the appearance of the fair sex, but who, in fact, they really are. As a rule, they seek communication and build serious relationships with sincere, honest and benevolent women. Who doesn t want this? Although the work on the appearance does not interfere.

  • Ability to respect

Self-esteem is really important, and not just for women. You don t have to live for show. Women s intrigue has always been much more interesting.

  • Sensuality

A man, being a creature of blood and flesh, wants to see sensual persons next to him who will freely express their feelings.

  • Intelligence

To create a family, serious relationships, they are looking for smart companions with whom you can not only have sex, but also talk about a lot.

  • Self confidence

It will be easier for a woman who is able to accept herself as she is to love her man with all his flaws.

  • Having ambitions and goals

Feminine determination will only help build relationships. There is no room for failure in this scenario. These will definitely be the best wives and mothers. They know what life they want for themselves, their husband and children.

  • Modesty

Modest representatives of the weaker sex know how to empathize, because the interests of other people are more important to them than their own. Such a relationship does not affect the ego of the environment.

What is the secret of female energy?

Strong female energy is a definite plus. This is the inner glow of a self-confident and calm person, in whose eyes kindness will always be visible. Such energy is inherent in optimistic and imperturbable natures.

And those who lack such strength look different. They are unbalanced, strict with others, look with lifeless eyes. And also they will show fatigue by all appearance, they will not be able to relax and calm down. Everything around such women only causes irritation. And this will affect not only their health, but also their relationships with men. And if appropriate measures are not taken to replenish energy reserves, you can forget about well-being in life.

The simplest method of filling will be communication with nature. It is useful to walk in the park, just in the fresh air, contemplate the natural beauty, swim in the reservoirs. It actually effectively helps to get rid of the accumulation of negativity and fatigue. You can walk with bare feet on the lawn, sandy shore or small pebbles.

The life-giving forces of the water, air and fire elements, as well as the elements of the earth, fill the fair sex with everything they need.

In addition, there will always be benefits from taking care of your own body every day. With this care there is an opportunity not only to improve your appearance, but also to keep in touch with your needs, to react more sensually to the caresses of a man and to kindle the passion of your beloved. It will not be superfluous to use the services of a spa salon, massage therapist, beautician, just soak up the bath with your favorite aromatic oil. This is how they achieve restoration of connection with their body, awaken energy.

In addition, it would be good to do yoga, spiritual practices, meditation. Healthy sleep and free time devoted only to yourself are very important points in this matter. They will also be no less useful for restoring, enhancing the energy of any kind of creativity, meeting with friends, idleness in silence alone with oneself, reading, planning for the future, etc. The main thing is to get positive emotions and pleasure.

The role of women in the family

Any family involves the distribution of responsibilities for each of its members. There are actually many points of view regarding the role of women in the family. Most consider it to be the lot of the fair sex to keep the house clean, prepare food, take care of clothes, and create home comfort. Men are responsible for the material side. Ideally, a husband and wife are obliged to support each other, take care of children together, develop and educate them, plan their lives and leisure. Women tend to be humble. They are more likely to adjust and appease their men. Even as careerists and earners, they are responsible for the emotional state in their family nest.

Perfection is achievable

Feminine Energy - Photo 3What does it mean to be a woman? In fact, there is nothing supernatural about it. This is understanding the value of pleasant little things and getting pleasure from them. If you know how to notice beauty in the rays of the sun at sunset, the singing of a nightingale, tenderness in a drop of dew frozen on a blade of grass, exquisite taste and aroma of coffee, etc., then this means the ability to enjoy the present moment.

It is given to a woman to look at the world differently from a man. Every day and every time with surprise, as if for the first time. Concentrate on the smallest detail, collecting the cream of the best moments, taste them and gradually fill with energy. To be able to ignite internally, kindle and maintain fire in the hearts of others, trust and be open to the world around.

It is important to become a fulfilled and whole person. This will be a transition to a new level of quality of life. The goal is to be happy and share your happiness with other people. Women are filled with inner strength, flexible, playful, plastic. These forces can do real miracles. When they dance with the Universe, real magic is possible, which can become the property of the whole world.

You always need to understand and appreciate who you came to this world, as well as be clearly aware of your goals and aspirations. And also be proud of your female destiny.

How does a woman affect a man?

Consider how women influence men. It is the companion who is able to turn an extraordinary person into a real leader, but the opposite outcome is also possible.

At its core, a man exudes energy flows of courage, risk, aggressiveness and assertiveness. However, they need to be nourished with tenderness, affection, warmth. And this gives the energy of beautiful ladies. Without them there will be no creation, no success. They need a muse, as well as support in difficult times. Such energy resources, strengths are simply necessary in marriage and any relationship between the sexes. They serve as a magnet for men s hearts and a guide to the stormy waters of life.

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Feminine energy
Feminine energy

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