Are the men transferred? I wonder, really, where did they “move”? Maybe we, Women, can also collect things there and transfer? True, there is an option that they will transfer from there too …
I really want you to see in this article not the protection of Men, they are adult boys and can cope without me, namely the opportunity to feel how much we, Women, mean and how much depends on us! Every time we cry in our hearts: “Are there any real men at all?” ringing in the voice with steel claims and deepest resentment, what do we want to hear in response? Of course have? Yes, my dear, I m here! Now I will do everything as you want!

We, Women, have achieved equality in society, in society, but we want, in addition to equality, to be left with the luxury of being a Woman. That is, I will, where it is beneficial for me to “fight” with you – Man on equal terms, but you know, if anything, I will pull out my trump card – “I am a Woman” and you must surrender! Otherwise, I will raise a wave of public discontent! In any case, I will be on top! And you must remain at the same time a real Man! I don t know how, but I must!

Yes, we are equal, but we are DIFFERENT! Very different!

Not understanding this difference, we begin to “measure by ourselves” and demand, demand, demand …
Sometimes women themselves do not understand that with her own hands she is doing so that her wish will never come true. I want to rule and dictate, I want you to listen to me and listen well, while you treat me like a princess. As if that same oxymoron is a combination of conflicting concepts. Either you are a family “Lenin” on an armored car, pushing your ideas to the masses of unenlightened fellow citizens within the framework of your own apartment, or you are the princess herself, tender, vulnerable, open and in need of care. And as if together – in any way!

Men are more logical and, in a good way, simpler in their reasoning and actions. They do not have such a multi-walk in their heads that here I am heroically killed at work and at home, so that through this my heroism you can see that I do not want to be a hero. In general, I would like to surrender a long time ago, but I will continue to defend myself. I m very logical! I have such a plan there! You have to see and realize in just such a complicated and ornate way. And what does this yours mean: “Don t worry?” This is a direct trigger for the accumulated anger. I have a kind of multi-move here, everything is concrete and clear here, how it should be! Don t worry about me! What should I do then? Just try to say this hateful one: “Relax and have fun!” Everything! War! And that, him, hey!
Yes, because I do not know how to relax, I do not know how to have fun! I will not say that I do not know how, I will accuse you that this is impossible with you. Everything! Checkmate! You are guilty! And there is no one more comfortable and useful in the house than a guilty Man.
And where is this our cosmic subtlety, soulfulness, sexuality? Not to her … We must hold on to power, look for reasons for new accusations and, of course, be indignant … Well, but how?
Trust a Man ?! How scary, especially when there is past previous negative experience.
We can only trust the strong, but we do everything to have the weak next to us. It is paradoxical with him, but we feel more secure, or rather, our fear and pride are easier with this.
And if I don t trust you, why are we together at all? What is the essence of such a union?

It is important for every Man to be needed by the Woman who chooses him.
It is exactly the right one.
It is important for him to be seen, heard and felt.
Man is Strength. You, dear, Cosmos, you are ABOUT …
And the Man is ready for a lot in order for the Woman to allow him to share his Power with her and to want to share her Cosmos with him.
It is important for a man that he can give to a Woman what is truly his – Masculine. Support. Strength. Protection. Direction of movement. How important it is that you, Woman, want to accept this with Gratitude.
Can you give the Man 51% of the shares? Can you follow him? Can you be married? This is about trust … Especially when a Man may not be “on horseback”. This happens in life, we both fall and rise. Give the Man the right to be wrong. For the sake of your faith in him, he will handle everything himself. You believe and desire it.
This is very difficult, I know. But from the position “I myself” will not work, from the position that is offended too … You have only one Life, dear, can we risk living it like a woman and happily?

And for this, let s try to figure out together what the relationship between a man and a woman is in the course “Sacred geometry of relations between a man and a woman”!
How not to break, but to create? Do not expect, but create together? How to feel and understand your partner? And, simply, how to be happy in a relationship?
This course will be useful for both Men and Women!

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