Greed, of course, every woman understands in her own way. One will call her boyfriend a curmudgeon, because he took her to sunbathe in Sochi, not Nice. The other, without question, will return the money to her beloved for dinner – “we are modern people.

Moreover, stinginess should not be confused with thrift and pragmatism. In the head of the pack leader there will always be the thought of an emergency reserve, otherwise “winter is coming!”.

But today the conversation will not be about the thrifty and thrifty, but about the pathologically greedy representatives of the stronger sex.

A greedy person is greedy in everything – in money, in love, in care, in attention to a partner.

Decide right away – are you ready to live with a miser, accepting this feature of him without resentment and disappointment, putting on darned tights and reporting for every penny (I, of course, exaggerate, but, as practice has shown, this happens)?

How to recognize a greedy boyfriend

  • Such a person is extremely reluctant to spend money on something that he personally does not need. For example, he can easily buy a bottle of collection wine for the table, which he himself will drink, but will never spend on what you like, but is useless for him.

  • He will never give anything for no reason – even the smallest thing! Flowers from such a man you will receive a maximum of twice a year: on March 8 and your birthday.

  • A man of this type loves freebies, constantly scouring for promotions and discounts. Having bought a bottle of milk for 20 rubles cheaper, he will remember for a long time how “lucky” he was.

  • In a restaurant or a store, he asks you every time if there are any little things, because he “doesn t want to change the five thousandth”.

  • Having made a far from royal gift, at every opportunity he will remind you of his unprecedented generosity.

  • If for once takes you to a restaurant, the whole evening will comment on unprecedented prices – “Oh my God, 500 rubles! They dress this salad with gold, or what? ” At the same time, of course, he will never leave a tip.

What if your chosen one turned out to be Plyushkin?

Forget about plans for re-education – no one can change an adult! But, if you are sure that, despite your stinginess, you need this particular person, you can slightly correct his behavior:

  1. Think back to yourself in the first weeks of dating. Perhaps out of modesty you yourself then refused expensive gifts. This behavior gives the boyfriend a reason to think that this woman does not need anything, she can easily do without flowers, jewelry and interesting travel. So down with inappropriate modesty!

  2. Praise your loved one more often – tell him how generous, kind, attentive he is. Train him to think that close people really need his care.
  3. Let your man feel the difference in your mood when you are happy and when you are upset with lack of attention. Use this innocent manipulation to make him understand that his gifts and generosity are your good mood.
    Show your chosen one that if he is a little (well, a little!) More generous, you will become an absolutely happy woman.

  4. Don t forget to enjoy gifts, even the smallest ones. Just don t overdo it – jumping to the ceiling because of a bunch of medicinal chamomile is also not worth it. And measure your delight against the value of the gift – do not admire equally emerald earrings and a box of chocolates. Otherwise, for the rest of your life, your “dolce vita” will consist entirely of chocolate.

But please, do not set impossible tasks, look at the situation for real! If your chosen one does not earn too much, and you sulk because he does not give you diamonds, this is already a story like “I want to be the mistress of the sea”.

I repeat once again – do not confuse greed and thrifty. For a thrifty man who seeks to correctly distribute the budget and prevent stupid spending, you will be like a stone wall.

But if you are convinced that your chosen one is an incorrigible miser, decide for yourself whether you can live with him, continuing to love and respect him, in spite of this shortcoming, or whether you better leave.

Lyudmila Ivanovskaya,

psychologist, trainer, specialist in the field of relations

and family constellations

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