How do girls behave at the beginning of a relationship?

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The dating stage is the most exciting in any relationship. It was during this period that the first impression of a person is formed, the foundation is laid for strong relationships in the future. It is very important to know how to behave for girls, so that acquaintance does not remain just an acquaintance, but grows into something more. Here are some practical tips to help you impress your guy.

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Tips for starting a relationshipi

  • Talk less. This does not mean that you need to be silent and behave like a boring idol. But it is definitely not worth loading the interlocutor with endless stories about girlfriends and similar topics – he will quickly get tired of it. Learn to listen, not just speak.
  • Monitor posture and body language in general. Perhaps you are so anxious that you constantly bite your lips, are afraid to make unnecessary movement, and feel very constrained. Throw away this ridiculous excitement, even if your knees are shaking next to the guy. Be more confident – and he will reach out to you.
  • Do not try to spend every free minute with him. You are only at the stage of acquaintance – you do not need to make it the center of the universe. Take care of your life – meet friends, study. In general, do what you did before meeting your new guy. Let him understand that you have something to do without him.
  • More positive. You will still have time to be sad, irritated, angry, etc. And at the stage of acquaintance, you should not show the guy negative emotions too often. If all goes well, he will still see you “out of sorts”. In the meantime – only positive, smile, sparkling humor and a small amount of self-irony.

It is noteworthy that the tactics of action does not depend on where exactly you met – on a dating site, in a park or in a bar. Consider a new acquaintance primarily as an interlocutor, friend, and only then as a future guy (of course, if he is worthy to take this position in your life). Don t create problems out of the blue – enjoy the dating phase and let him do the same.

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