Who is a self-sufficient person? This is the one who does not expect anything, and even more so does not demand from others. This is the one who tries to live independently, to behave like an adult, not to shift responsibility to others.

The first step is to serve yourself

It is necessary to independently learn how to make money in order to solve all the problems that arise along the path of life (of course, if they are related to finances). If you are an intelligent person, then, of course, you can get your way.

Taking care of your own body

In no case do not forget about your own appearance, about the beauty and health of your body. Try to live a healthy lifestyle. A healthy and well-groomed person inspires confidence in others.

Chat with interesting people

It often happens that acquaintances and friends of a person pull him down – to their level. Try, if not completely change, then at least adjust your social circle. Talk to interesting people about useful topics. Try not to get involved in empty talk – you will not only waste your time, but also lower your intellectual level. Try to diversify your speech, make it more lively, because speaking beautifully is a real art.

Get ready to be alone

Try spending some time alone if you are afraid of him. A person really needs communication, but it is also important to understand that being alone is not scary. You just need to be able to live independently and do what you love. Being isolated from society for a while is like going on a diet. The brain is, as it were, cleansed, all unnecessary and unnecessary is swept out of it, only useful skills remain, only changes for the better occur.

Make your own decisions

Develop a habit don t ask anyonewhen you make a decision. Don t rely on other people. Everyone has their own life experience, their own store of knowledge and skills. Each person perceives the situation differently. Try to consider all the pros and cons and make the right decision.

Outline your goals

Set clear goals for the year, week, or month. Plan your life. The plan may fluctuate, various circumstances may make adjustments to it, but the set goals must ultimately be fulfilled. For a person without a goal, life is incomplete.

From the above, we can conclude that a self-sufficient man is a person who, for a full life, will only need his own society.

Things without which there can be no self-sufficiency

In order to be a self-sufficient man, you must:

  • Have a profession that brings not only a stable income, but also pleasure;
  • Have a hobby or favorite hobby, thanks to which you will not constantly think about what to do with yourself;
  • Have some character traits; they can be both congenital and acquired by correcting their own shortcomings.

What qualities distinguish such a man?

  1. He can easily endure loneliness, there is no fear of being left alone. There are very social people, they cannot be alone for a long time. If you are one of those, try to fix it.
  2. Such a person is independent, understands that he is responsible for all the actions that he performs, for each of his choices.
  3. Self-sufficiency is also self-confidence. You must be able to achieve your goals without outside help.
  4. Purposefulness helps a person achieve a lot. This is an important quality, without which it is difficult to achieve success in life.
  5. In a self-sufficient person, there is often a bit of selfishness, because often you have to think, first of all, not about others, but about yourself.
  6. Frequent loneliness can push the problems of the world around to the background, this gives rise to alienation, isolation from people.

Try to develop the above qualities in yourself, and, perhaps, you will soon achieve success.

Multiple tests

First of all, understand if you can become a self-sufficient person. To do this, you can take two tests.

Test one – turn off your TV, phone, social networks. Do not communicate with anyone. Spend the whole day alone, alone with yourself. Listen to your thoughts.

If you immediately get bored, there is nothing to occupy yourself, then it is unlikely that you will be able to become a self-sufficient man. After all, if a person does not depend on others, then he has some kind of hobby that does not let him get bored. Such a person will not have to “kill” time, he will spend every minute with benefit.

Test second… At the heart of this test is also an attempt to be alone for a while. Sit down and imagine that after a while you need to leave to study or work in a completely unfamiliar country.

Try to imagine this situation in as much detail as possible. dive into it. Come up with a place for future work or study. Take a mental look at your arrival, at a hotel room or rented apartment, imagine looking for a job, communicating with interesting new people, a place of future work.

In such a situation, you will not be able to get help from anyone but yourself. You will have to make important decisions yourself. If thoughts about such a future are not scary, then you will definitely succeed!

A few steps to self-sufficiency

  1. Make an accurate analysis of your life, your past, think about what you spent time with, with whom you communicated. Was it interesting and useful for your development?
  2. Think of the people you really hold dear, the ones you love.
  3. Be clear about your goals in life, your priorities.
  4. Do not look back at others – make your own decisions, as they often turn out to be the right ones. Listen to advice, but never rely entirely on someone else s opinion.
  5. Write down all the skills and abilities that you possess on a piece of paper. Which ones will be useful to you? Never stop in your development, constantly discover something new for yourself.
  6. In the second test, you have covered an entire segment of your life. Or maybe it is worth trying to implement it?

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