Probably everyone has come across a situation where communication with a person does not work out. It seems that interests also coincide, but it will not work to find a common language. The reason is often the stars, or rather one – the one under which a person was born. It has long been noticed that the sign of the zodiac has a very strong effect on the character. It is not uncommon, in order to win over a person, you must first find out which sign he refers to and how to communicate with them. One of the signs that require a special approach is Scorpio, especially their strong half.

Communication with the chief Scorpio

Scorpio men know how to set a goal, and do everything to achieve it… Thanks to these qualities, representatives of this sign often occupy leadership positions. Having come to the position, they can change all subordinates, putting those people who like them. For this reason, it is imperative to prove yourself to the new boss. Moreover, Scorpios pay attention not only to professional qualities, but also to the character of the employee.

Representatives of this sign love when they unquestioningly agree with them and quickly follow their instructions. At times this may resemble tyranny, but it is advisable not to contradict such a boss. Any disagreement over the order will be perceived as undermining its authority. In such a situation, the “culprit” will soon be punished – dismissed. Neither the qualifications of the employee, nor his previous achievements will matter.

It is not uncommon for a Scorpio boss to carefully emphasize the difference between himself and his subordinates. But sometimes in a “sincere” conversation (for example, at a corporate party), he can equate himself with all other employees. During such communication, one should not forget about subordination, and it is better to emphasize the importance of the boss. But do not go too far and sing praises to him from morning to evening – Scorpios do not like flatterers at all.

Also, you should not make fun of the change of the boss. Scorpios, by nature, are very suspicious and are often afraid of losing their position. The joke of this is glad, no matter how harmless it is, it can be perceived negatively.

Love with Scorpio

Novels are the element of all Scorpio men. Without them, they are like without air. The first thing they pay attention to is the “packaging”. The appearance of a girl for them is much more important than mental qualities. Scorpio men are very neat and expect the same from others. A girl should always look good. If the goal is just a fleeting romance, then that s enough. The Scorpio man almost always responds to the light flirting of a beautiful girl. But it should be borne in mind that he can have a lot of such novels.

But they are very attentive to the choice of a girl for a serious relationship. Scorpio should always dominate. For this reason, they choose such girls for themselves, against whose background they will look brighter. But at the same time, representatives of this sign will never look at a stupid girl. Scorpios believe that being smarter around such a girl is too easy for them.

Scorpios really like to talk about their hobbies, but they love even more when it is interesting to their interlocutor. To attract the attention of this man, the girl will not hurt to find out what he is interested in, how he spends time, what he prefers. It is advisable for her to begin to understand this well herself. And during communication, you must definitely demonstrate your knowledge. But in no case should you enter into disputes, even in a situation where a man is definitely wrong. Scorpios really don t like this. As, however, and the opposite situation, when the interlocutor listens to him, as they say, with her mouth open. Girls need to become a pleasant companion for a man. If this works out, then it is quite possible to think about continuing the communication.

Jealousy and scandals are what the representatives of this sign do not like very much. They expect only positive emotions from communication. And scenes of jealousy are never included in their plans. After the very first scandal that the girl staged, Scorpio can, without hesitation, break off relations forever. Moreover, it will not matter to him how long they have been together and how much he likes her. And this despite the fact that Scorpio is considered one of the most impulsive… A man born under him can easily make a scene of jealousy from scratch. This is normal for him. During such a quarrel, it is better for a girl to remain calm and, even more so, do not add fuel to the fire by reminding her that her chosen one is not ideal.
In order to create a relationship with a Scorpio man, certain rules should be followed in communication with him:

  1. Emphasize its importance.
  2. Don t neglect his problems.
  3. Diligently avoid quarrels.
  4. Not to remind you of his novels.

Scorpios in the family

The scorpio man is the real head of the family. There are many advantages to this, but of course there are also disadvantages. He tries to take care of all family members and does everything to ensure that they live in prosperity. But in return, he demands that they communicate with him in a special way, not like everyone else. It is he who should make all important decisions and his opinion should be considered the only correct one.

Over the years, the Scorpio man begins to perceive his family as best friends, who will always help. For this reason, his loved ones, and especially his wife, should be near in all difficult life situations. And there are a lot of such moments, according to Scorpio. This is due to the fact that representatives of this sign are very susceptible to depressive conditions. At such moments, Scorpio begins to communicate differently with the people around him and requires this to himself. A grown man becomes like a small, offended child who needs to be pitied. He can spend hours talking about how unfair the bosses are to him or about how unsuccessfully he bought shoes. In no case can we say that this is a trifle and will pass by itself. It is at such moments that Scorpio really loses faith in himself. The people around him should not only listen to these complaints, but also support him.

If Scorpio does not receive the expected sympathy from others, he can himself get out of a depressive state. But he will never forget that he was not helped at the moment he needed so much. And since such a man is extremely vindictive, then revenge on his part will not be long in coming. In principle, like gratitude in case of support.

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