It is so laid down by upbringing that all women, with rare exceptions, believe that their full life can take place only if they are married. If a girl meets with her beloved boyfriend, she subconsciously strives for marriage with him and for creating a family, while men are in no hurry to say goodbye to their bachelor life, since they associate the family with fulfilling certain duties and restricting freedom. How to push your loved one to get married and start a family?

The main thing is not to rush!

Even if you met the man of your dreams and you have a perfect relationship, you cannot directly hint to your lover that you would like to start a family with him… So you can push the man away and completely ruin the relationship. The fact is that men for the most part do not like to rush to marriage, because they want to make sure that there is a truly devoted and loving girl nearby, who will become a faithful wife for them and a caring mother for their children.

Men are well aware that if they make a mistake, then they will either have to endure an unloved person next to them all their lives or get divorced. It should be agreed that both the first option and the second option will not make anyone happy, therefore, such an attitude towards marriage should still be respected.

It is also worth considering that if a guy does not want to marry, perhaps there are reasons for this – an unhappy marriage of his parents, the first bad experience or doubts about his beloved. There really is nowhere to rush, the candy-flower period will pass, you will get used to each other a little, maybe even start living together, and only then it will be possible to judge your joint future. Many girls are in a hurry to get married in order to envy their friends or to show their parents that they are already adults and successful in life, but public opinion is the last thing to think about in such a situation.

How to neatly find out a guy s attitude towards marriage

To find out how ready a guy is for family life, you should talk about it delicately… The subject of discussion can be a friend s wedding, watching a movie on a wedding theme, or viewing wedding photos of parents. So, you can ask if the guy likes the wedding ceremony itself, how he thinks, for what reasons people get married and whether it should be done at all. It is important not to be intrusive, otherwise the guy may understand where these conversations are leading and an awkward situation will arise.

If a guy thinks marriage is optional

There are some men who believe that a stamp in a passport is not required to create a family, and besides, it can also ruin the relationship. As examples, a lover can cite many stories from the lives of his friends who, having become disillusioned with family life, divorced. You need to do everything so that your beloved believes that the wedding makes people happy, that this is a wonderful holiday of love that you share with people close to you. So, you can make a small selection of films about weddings, you should also walk by the registry office more often when the happy bride and groom come out of it. It would be useful to meet or keep in touch with a happy married couple who recently got married.

Almost married couple

You don t have a stamp in your passport yet, but nothing prevents you from demonstrating how much you love your boyfriend and how much you want to take care of him. If you live together, often arrange family dinners, invite relatives and friends to visit, make surprises for the sweetheart, but in no case limit his freedom. Let, as before, he goes to meetings with friends, goes to the gym and does his favorite hobbies. If he sees that you are caring and tender, love him and are not going to claim his personal freedom, the thoughts that you are the one will soon visit him more and more often. You should clearly demonstrate to your beloved that the relationship between you will be perfect even when you get married and there is nothing wrong with that, no one will limit his freedom.

Friendship with his family is also important. The son will always be sensitive to his mother, so the future daughter-in-law s relationship with her should be even and friendly. Ask your beloved mom s recipes for her signature dishes, beauty secrets and try to consult with her more often. If for some reason the relationship did not work out, try to behave tactfully and correctly.

Become indispensable for your loved one

Your man must come to the conclusion that life is impossible without you, so create a comfortable environment for him in which he would feel loved and needed. In the evenings, it is necessary that a delicious dinner awaits on the beloved s table. Take care of him, gently ask him about how his day went, what he would like to do on the weekend or celebrate the upcoming holiday. In the morning, an ironed shirt should be waiting for a loved one, he should not be looking for his socks and trousers with irritation, everything should be at hand. Before going to work, be sure to kiss him and wish him good luck.

How not to force a man to marry

Unfortunately, some women force men to marry, not realizing that they are destroying an unmarried marriage with their own hands. If you really want your man to decide on his own to marry you and your marriage to be happy, do not use as reasons for marriage:

  1. Pregnancy. Needless to say, how difficult it is for a couple to get through the first months of married life and get used to new responsibilities. If you add to this the appearance of a child, the relationship can go wrong. Therefore, it is important first to take place as a spouse, and only then as a father and mother.
  2. Envy of married girlfriends. Nothing annoys men more than stories about how your girlfriend is already married and you are not.
  3. The threat to go to another man. Such a statement is more likely to ruin the relationship, since the beloved will stop trusting you, since you have a backup option with you and he is not your only man.
  4. Trying to buy. Perhaps your parents, in the event of a wedding, are ready to buy you a car and an apartment, but you should not tell your loved one about this. If he is proud and has a sense of his own dignity, then such a statement will alienate him.

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