If in adolescence a man could afford to spend his energy left and right: drink alcohol in liters, have sex several times a night, eat any food, then approaching middle age, a man discovers that he can no longer be so playful. And it s not that he doesn t have as much energy as the younger ones, but rather he feels that she makes him act differently.

Alcohol and an abundance of women no longer give such pleasure, it is necessary to be selective in food, since the body is already beginning to give signals that it is no longer as strong as at 20 years old.

But the biggest problem is psychological weakness, which gradually develops into a vegetable state. I no longer want to perform feats, work is annoying, and all women seem to be the same. I would like to find one single one, but, as if on evil, around only beautiful bodies with emptiness inside. I think many men understand what I mean.

The secret of this problem is that a middle-aged man acts according to the principles of a youth. If at the age of 16-18, sexual energy prompts a man to “exploits” with a woman, which the man himself interprets exclusively as sex, then reaching the age of 30, programs of an older individual are included in the course, something like “I am a lion guarding my pride “. That is, “To be a father.”

At the same time, one must understand that being a father biologically and being a father psychologically are two different things. Therefore, if an adult man acts according to the same principles when he was a young offspring, he inevitably feels gradual exhaustion. Since there is nothing masculine in seducing another woman, there is no feat in this.

The way out of this trap is very simple. For a man to become a “hero” in his own eyes, he needs only one thing: THINK ONLY ABOUT ONE WOMAN !!!

When a man is young, he thinks about all the women in the world. We see how these guys are ready to “blow” anyone, and they have enough strength for this. But the king does not run across the battlefield, he rules his kingdom, sitting on the throne, and it is the queen who makes him king.

Think of just one woman. If you have chosen someone, then always keep your thoughts on her. Remember every minute, for what you chose her, for what you fell in love with her. Concentrate all the time on her best qualities, sing them out, protect her from any attacks from both men and women. And do this especially when she is not around.

Such behavior leads to the fact that a man discovers a monstrous strength in himself. Now a woman for him is not just a pleasure under the covers, but a queen, ready to fill his kingdom with beauty and wealth.

But what should a man do if he does not have a chosen one? The same. To think of such a woman as if he already has one. Only total self-control of one s feelings and one s sexual energy is capable of re-educating a man from a “soldier” to a “king.” The behavior of such a man changes. Every action is a battle. Such a man is again full of strength, however, now he does not waste it as he did in his youth. He is a strategist, tactician and wins trophies for his woman, regardless of whether he now has her or not.

So imperceptibly a man discovers that pacifiers disappear from his life, and worthy, true women cast their eyes at him. Keeping his thoughts on the best qualities of women, he meets the one to whom he offers to share his kingdom. This makes him very powerful in all his affairs.

It s funny, but the same scheme works for women. However, it has its own pitfalls. But I will write about this next time.

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