Break with a loved one – This always a serious test. And how to survive, realize and accept such an experience if you have to part with your soul mate?

Let s make a reservation right away: in the context of the article, the concept of “kindred spirits” esoteric. It means something much deeper and more intimate than the similarity of interests, temperaments and intentions.

Soul mates come to Earth with similar missions and approximately the same level of spiritual development.

They are in tune and perfectly mirror each other, they have similar energy and common tasks. Soul mates teach each other about love.

Meet a true soul mate like spending a vacation in paradise, enjoying absolute understanding and unconditional love.

However, time passes, and something seems to pull you apart, some kind of force that exceeds your desire to stay together. Paradise collapses in an instant. And the pain is so great that you can hardly bear it.

Why did it happen? For what? After all, you soul mates, you should be together! Let s figure out why we are given such a test.


An important thing should be understood: meeting with a soul mate is needed so that you look into your loved one, like in a mirror, noticing your own imperfections and correcting them. This relationship is essential for your awakening and evolution.

When the lesson is complete and your overall program is completed it s time to move on.

At a deep level, your souls know this. They feel that the work is completed, and therefore it is time to leave.


You gave each other a lot. Mentally thank your partner, wish him successful fulfillment of his mission, love and light and let go.

Know that your soulmate connection may not be the last thing in your life. There are many kindred souls, and at a certain stage of the path you will certainly meet a person who will again miraculously coincide with you and fill your life with new meaning and new tasks.


At the subtle level, partners soul mates are connected by a powerful channel, like communicating vessels. What happens to one of the partners roughly the same thing happens with the other.

If you are covered with resentment, bitterness, anger because of a fading relationship, then the energy of the channel becomes cloudy. This makes it difficult to understand the partner, to take his place, to establish contact.

Visualize a channel connecting you to your soul mate, mentally filling it with pure golden light. Send this light to your partner. This exercise will help build rapport and let each other go faster.

It is also helpful to visualize a stream of light descending into your upper chakra, located at the crown of your head, and reaching your heart chakra, dissolving pain and blockages that prevent you from going further.

Help from higher powers

You can ask for help through meditation or prayer. about getting rid of unnecessary attachment, from negative emotions, from doubts and fear, which so often fetters us at the end of a relationship.

Ask to lead you in a way that will benefit your development.

Be attentive to the signs that the Universe is sending you. Very often, guidance and tips are given through them.

If you are advanced enough in the art of meditation and are able to connect with your guides ask them to show you the contract you made with your soul mate and the lessons you agreed to go through together.

It is very likely that this plan includes the experience of parting in order to work out a certain karmic or evolutionary task.

Realize the purpose of your union. Remember that a relationship cannot last longer than a contract. In the same time if both souls desire it, and if it is consistent with the higher plan you can sign a new contract.

If your partner wants to leave, give him the freedom and space to do so. Accept his choice with gratitude and respect.

As a result, parting with a soul mate can become one of the most valuable life experiences for you, lead to a new level of awareness, move far along the path of spiritual development and become the key to new opportunities and travel.

Lyudmila Ivanovskaya,
psychologist, trainer, specialist in the field of relations
and family constellations

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