Sensual female nature always dreams of a real Man. She sees him in the trolleybus driver, and in the famous oligarch, and in the gamekeeper from the series. Naturally, after all, a true Man is not afraid of work, he is honest, worthy, attractive.

According to historically established judgments, the female sex does not want to take the first step towards. But to provoke a person you like, at least mentally, no one can interfere. Another question is, why do this?

The main thing: not what, but how?

Before you dare to make any attempts to make a representative of the stronger sex think about a woman, you need to clearly understand why this is done… For light intrigue or excruciating temptation? For playful flirting or to spite someone? For a vacation together or a long-term relationship? And it is worth considering which of the modern achievements will be adopted: hypnosis, psychological “anchors” or the flirting familiar to many.

To avoid being bored: intrigue, flirting, temptation

The situation is quite simple: a woman is sometimes sad. At a party, in a new company, on a bad evening, when everything seems to be there, but something is missing. Girls can choose the guy they like and don t be shy.

The advantages of this situation: you can not reveal your whole nature, worrying about complexes with your appearance, a low position and a borrowed dress from a friend. Intrigue is a small game in which He and She willingly agree to take part. Sometimes real feelings grow out of such fun, because everyone in her did not hesitate to be themselves. Even with stories unsaid at the beginning.

How to make you think about a woman?

  • Hear what the person is talking about and listen to him carefully. Sometimes you need to agree, look in the eyes, tilt your head and raise your eyebrows. At the end of the conversation, you can accidentally leave the man with some trifle (a napkin with your own drawing, a scarf, a written address on the social network). This will remind him of an attentive muse. He will start thinking about her.
  • For special occasions, you can ask the young man you like for a phone number to call your number. Allegedly, the device sat down, and the girl cannot remember where she put it. The guy can then use this number to find a beautiful stranger.
  • If the action takes place on the bus, you can get closer to the person you like and imagine how easy it is to walk with him by the hand or in an embrace, resting his head on his shoulder. This visualization close to the guy can make him turn around. Then it s up to a smile or a cute wink. In general, daydreaming and constantly thinking about a person can provoke a similar reaction.
  • If a man is not a maniac and the first date is scheduled, you can come to him in revealing clothes, giving rise to hot thoughts. A dinner in a restaurant or a presentation of an exhibition (where there will be many people) and the dignified behavior of a girl in an open outfit will focus all the attention of a young man on her. All the nearest time (until the next date – for sure) a man will not just think about the girl, but go crazy over her. But this option is designed only for intrigue or holiday romance. The prospect of a serious relationship must start differently.

Anger is great motivation

It happens that the wounded pride or sincere feelings of a woman have been hit. After the phase of sadness and weakness, the time for active action comes: to make the man suffer. How to do this in a legal way, so that revenge is pleasant, and thoughts about the girl do not leave him? There are options. They mainly consist in eccentricity, which will lead a man to a stupor:

  1. Pretend like there was nothing at all. Behave as if nothing had happened. It will hook him.
  2. Bake him a pie (or cook his favorite dish) goodbye. Let him not fit in his head, as it happens.
  3. To spite the guy, you can lose a couple of extra pounds in the gym or sign up for oriental dances. When he sees how his former beloved has changed, he will bite his elbows and think why she is not with him.
  4. Conduct courses of relaxation and introspection. For example, imagine that a woman is sailing along a calm beautiful river in an unusually boat. She swims to the shore, where her former gentleman stands, thanks him for the wonderful time together, and sets sail. The soul is overflowing with gratitude. After such training, it is better to let go of the situation. The guy will eventually understand the true state of affairs and will think about the girl who is not with him now.
  5. The ancient way: every night to look at a certain star and think about a person. They say he gradually begins to think about the woman who does it.

If a Man is a dream

Most likely, the representatives of the stronger sex – hunters and hunters – should conquer. In order for them to start thinking about a woman, it is worth becoming irreplaceable or the best for him, while not losing their individuality.

  • Surround him with attention and affection… But not maternal concerns, including knitting socks in the evenings or endless calls to work. You can also brew some special tea like no one else. Or use a certain perfume, and then kiss him on the doorstep. The main thing is to repeat it more often. This will develop an addictive effect. But when a woman disappears from a man s life for a couple of days, he will become acutely aware of the lack of a loved one. Thoughts about the girl will begin to attack, and then actions will replace them.
  • If a couple has been married for a long time, after being close to a husband you can have a special massage session… It is enough for a woman to think over her style: stroking, rubbing, kissing. The sequence is required. Repeating such sessions every time, a man will only think about his soul mate.
  • You can give your boyfriend your joint photo, signed with love, or a flower, a cup. A person will see this thing every day on his desk or in his office – and thoughts about a woman will automatically appear.
  • Sign up for any workouts or joint classes with a man. Common interests bring people closer together, placing a like-minded person in a circle of constant reflection.

And sometimes, wanting to be in the dreams and thoughts of a man, it is better not to think about him… Let everything be decided by itself. There are many ways to make Him think about Her. It s another matter whether the woman herself will need it later …

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