Yes, all girls want to understand male psychology. In appearance, they are so secretive, mysterious and not too emotional to attract, like a closed book that you want to open and read the content. But is it really possible? People are not iron, so it is very difficult to hide your emotions. But even the most, it seemed, not an emotional man, you can easily see through, because during falling in love, a person ceases to notice not only everyone around, but also himself with his actions.

What are lovers

First you need to divide men into several types. The first are modest, that is, those who are afraid to express some emotions, afraid to be rejected. The second are more relaxed men who, for the sake of their subject of admiration, are ready for much, usually this kind of male does not try to hide his feelings. Signs of a man in love depend on what species he belongs to. This is not very difficult to determine. In the first type of men, indecision is observed in all actions; they will never openly flirt and meet girls. Guys belonging to the second type are often surrounded by girls because of their sociability and confidence.

Now you need to determine for each type of men what signs they show to the subject of their adoration.

The fundamental stage of a relationship

This is the period when a man only meets the object of admiration for the first time. Even when men say that it is not possible to fall in love at first sight, they are delusional. At this moment of the first meeting, certain feelings arise in the heart, which later develop into love. The guy sees this girl and starts to smoothly straighten his hair, or throws his bangs back. This gesture is very similar to that of a woman, as girls, upon seeing a nice guy, will begin to tidy themselves up in order to seem better than they really are. Falling in love begins with sympathy. Such small hints are characteristic of both the first and second types of men.

The beginning of new feelings

This is the time when the acquaintance takes place. Usually a man, if he likes a girl, is the first to meet. Such actions are characteristic of the second type of men. Shy individuals can perform some tricks, for example, asking a girl s friend to introduce them. When meeting, any such man will raise his tone in order to stand out from other males. This may be followed by stories of some significant actions to show their superiority. For example, a man will tell how he picked up a defenseless kitten and took it to a shelter, or that he built a house on his own and planted a whole garden of trees.

Communication between the two

An acquaintance has occurred. Now, after that, a man in love will become the best protector and good company for his chosen one. Therefore, he will often invite her somewhere, be it concerts or even exhibitions. In any incomprehensible situation, it will help to figure it out, and if at one in the morning the girl s shelf falls off the wall, then in half an hour he will already be with a hammer in his hands to correct it.

Also, the man will try to find out everything about the girl… She casually asks what flowers she likes, what she eats for breakfast, what movies she watches. Such seemingly insignificant information, the lover will shake his mustache in order to later present the girl with her favorite yellow roses and go to the cinema for her favorite horror films. Girls, usually, are only surprised at how the guy knew all this, but without realizing it, they believe that this is the fate of her whole life. Sometimes guys manage to make friends with the girlfriends of their beloved in order to successfully find out information from them. Any man will pamper his chosen one, regardless of his financial condition. Indeed, in this way he says that during his life together he will give whatever he wants and pay attention.

A man who has feelings

Basic behavior

It will be easy for a girl to identify men who have strong feelings for her by comparing him to others. The first thing that can be noticed is that he will directly rush to his beloved. He will rush to call her in the morning and in the evening, just to find out how things are. The voice of such a man becomes velvety, completely different than when he talks to others. A man in love will try to infuse a girl into his society., introducing friends and inviting them to joint weekends and travel. In some situations, the lover behaves nobly. Instead of his favorite action movie, he will go to a romantic comedy with a girl. Or he will skip the game, walking in the park with his chosen one. Modest guys will look for reasons to see each other. They will unexpectedly meet a girl in a cafe, having learned early that this is her favorite place. Or by chance it will be near the house.

For fun, you can find out what a man says to others about his beloved. If she is dear to him, he will always mention her and even be proud. A man in love always looks into the eyes, in some cases he can take the hand of a girl he likes and say compliments. It is easy to distinguish a serious-minded man from an ordinary pick-up artist. Pikaper will force events, kissing the victim already at the second meeting, trying to quickly drag him into bed. A really loving person will walk in small steps, so as not to accidentally stumble and miscalculate with the approach. With his girlfriend, a man literally reveals himself: he is in a good mood, he jokes, constantly smiles and directly glows with happiness.

How to distinguish falling in love from sympathy

Sympathy is when a guy likes a girl s appearance, but her personality is in the background. In such a relationship, the wrapper is more important than the candy itself.

Falling in love is when a man in a girl likes everything, including her appearance and inner world. It is simply impossible to find flaws in your subject of adoration (after all, they say that a person in love is to some extent blind), you want to spend all the time with such a person.

To understand if a man is really serious about a girl, you can look at his behavior and actions. When a man is simply cute and he does not have such serious feelings for her, then he will not think only about the girl, forgetting himself. He will still be busy with work, with his hobbies and friends. With such a girl, a man does not mind spending some time in an intimate setting, but no more. He will not devote all his time to her.

If these are serious feelings, then a man will directly spoil his beloved, sprinkling with gifts and surprises. He will never forget to buy a bouquet of flowers for the first date and congratulate him on some holiday. This girl is on his watch.

Falling in love among men is quite interesting, but simple enough to reveal. You can always find some kind of clue that will make it clear that this person is definitely in love.

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