How To Succeed On A Dating Site? Experts have revealed secrets

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Online dating is very popular today. We talked to experts and learned how to behave correctly on dating sites, how to fill out a questionnaire, how to recognize scammers and a few more secrets.

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Sim sim, open up!i

According to statistics, there should be 3-4 photos in the profile. It is highly desirable that in these photos you are alone – without friends, moms, dads, girlfriends, etc. Ideal for portrait shots. It is better to refuse candid photos – of course, they will attract the audience. But hardly the one you are waiting for.

As for the information in the profile, you shouldn t write a whole autobiography there. Better to write a few sentences. Great if they are humorous. If you have whole canvases of text in your profile, potential partners may think that you are a bore. It is also worth refusing to list the requirements for the soul mate: people will feel as if they are at a casting. This will definitely not decorate your profile.

It is also worth pointing out that your goal is a long-term relationship, family. Do not forget to write about your attitude towards children – this often becomes a serious stumbling block for couples.

When looking for a potential partner, you should always carefully study his profile. If something confuses you or raises questions, you should refuse to communicate. If you find a person you like, do not hesitate to start a dialogue. That s why you registered there!

Do not believe everything they write to you. Especially if from the first minutes of acquaintance these are praises and declarations of love. The web is full of scammers who have come up with tons of ways to defraud gullible users of dating sites. Therefore, as soon as it comes to any material assistance, immediately send the interlocutor to the block.

The most important thing to understand is not to delay the transition to reality. If you have been communicating with a person for several days and during this time he still has not offered to meet, or does not agree to your offers – most likely, this is a regular visitor of the site. By the way, on many services you can see how long ago the profile was created. So, adequate people do not stay there for a long time – they find a soul mate and go out into real life. We hope that you will succeed and you will find the love of your life!

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