Many young people are doomed to eternal failures in their personal lives for the simple reason that they cannot take the first step. Guys forget that girls are passive creatures, which means that the first step in most cases has to be taken by the stronger sex. This state of affairs is developing not because men need relationships more than women, but because of the natural inability of girls to show initiative.

Despite the fact that it is men who tend to get acquainted first, most guys, due to improper upbringing or because of certain stereotypes imposed by society, cannot take the first step towards a girl.

The main problem is the head

Very often, when a guy sees a girl he likes, just cowards to approach her… And this despite the fact that this man, in principle, is not bad himself and the girl may like him. There are self-esteem problems that are destroying privacy in the bud. “I don’t have enough money to be with her,” “I’m too thin (fat) to please this girl,” “I don’t have a cool car to drive up to her,” are some of the most common male excuses. And even if such a man still manages to overcome his fear, and approach the beauty he likes, he will certainly receive a refusal.

Will the refusal be affected by the fact that at the time of our acquaintance our hero did not have a cool car for 3 million dollars? No, the point is different. The fact is that he was worried about the lack of a cool car. And the girl felt it, refusing him. He felt like an insecure slave who asked the girl to condescend to his slave nature and get to know him.

Does a woman need a slave who, with her intonation, her behavior, literally begs for this phone number? No, she needs a confident man who is comfortable with being who he is.

Problem girls

The case described above is an example of meeting adequate girls, who, contrary to men s ideas about women, are in the majority. Yes, of course, having come to a nightclub to find there a companion for life, you can be disappointed in the female field in general. However, frankly speaking, this is not the fault of the girls trying to sell their fifth point at a higher price, which are in the majority in establishments of this kind, but of the men who take the “first steps” in the wrong place, and with the wrong ones.

Let s say a woman s refusal is really due to the low social status of the guy. Most guys take it personally, considering themselves complete losers. This thought is generated by a woman s refusal. It is the fear of realizing their inferiority that leads to the fact that men are afraid to take the first step. Not all girls are adequate, but this does not mean that female inadequacy needs to be transferred to oneself.… If a woman is inadequate, if she is a materialistic materialist, this does not mean that something is wrong with the guy who approached her to meet her. This means that this particular female representative is a mercantile bitch who does not need a normal relationship. This understanding makes it much easier to approach girls.

The reason for women s refusals

To approach the girl and not run into a refusal, you need:

  1. Don t stink.
  2. Sometimes wash your clothes.
  3. Remove fluff from your face.
  4. Be a mentally adequate person.

The requirements, as we can see, are very simple. It s hard to blame a girl for commercialism when you stink and pieces of swamp hang from her clothes.

Getting better

All of the above reasons for failure must be eliminated. It is also worth trying to gain some confidence in yourself. If the girl feels that she is the last chance for this strange guy not to die a virgin, she will run away even before the guy, who is now a hundred meters away from her, tries to take the first step. Therefore, self-doubt must be eliminated to the maximum.

Guys need to understand that they are not nerds who play “Tanchiki” all day long, but promising men who are ready to do everything for this life and, accordingly, receive proportionately. There is only one way out – you need to become better in reality. You need to give up tanks, get a job and start developing there. An easier route would be a rocking chair, where regular exercise can significantly increase your self-confidence. Plus, strength training increases testosterone levels. Namely, this hormone is responsible for male self-confidence.

Taking the first step

Having got rid of the obvious shortcomings that cause the majority of women s rejections, as well as gaining at least a drop of self-confidence, you can start meeting girls. Moreover, if this woman is already included in the man s circle of acquaintances, the situation is much easier. The first step is getting to know each other in order to understand if you are interested in a given girl, as well as the opportunity to realize if she can be interested.

The very acquaintance is an extremely individual thing.… So, wanting to find a woman for a permanent relationship, it is better to behave as simply and openly as possible. If the task is to find a girl for one night, you can build yourself up as a tough London businessman who came to this unfamiliar city for one day and will leave tomorrow for the financial capital of the world. An easily accessible, frivolous girl can take this trick.

Experience only

Only constant practice allows you to “pump” your dating skills to the maximum. Meeting a dozen different girls every day, all the excitement and sublimity of new acquaintances instantly disappears. The steps above will make you feel as comfortable as possible when you first meet. Purely theoretically, you can just approach the woman you like, say some heresy, get rejected and move on. In the case of the second girl, there will be much less heresy in the conversation, and after meeting the hundredth or even the tenth girl, the number of refusals will decrease significantly.

Summing up

It is worth highlighting two ways that will allow you to take the most effective first step in meeting new girls:

  1. The path of cultivation, which implies gaining confidence from your own inner state.
  2. An experienced path, within which you need to meet a large number of girls as often as possible. Both options work. The main thing is to take active action. The main thing is to take the first step.

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