This question often comes up during group meetings and personal consultations. Usually it arises exactly after the words that not a single person in this world can make you happy if you are unhappy by yourself. The responsibility for personal happiness lies with each partner. Choosing a partner in the hope that he will fill your inner emptiness, turns life into a soap opera or a drama show.

That is why I tell you that you create your own happiness and well-being. The world always strives for harmony, and like attracts like, because if you are inside with pain and emptiness, then you will meet exactly such a partner on your way. Two unfortunate people are like a pair of crutches.

Hence the fear of losing another is born. Even when there are no feelings and desire to be together, even if the partner has betrayed, and continues to do this every day, it is scary to be left without these crutches. Because only next to this man there is a feeling of fullness.

In fact, a strong and confident partner will come into your life when:

  • You know how to fill yourself with happiness and the meaning of life yourself
  • You are not afraid to be alone with yourself
  • You are sure that the most important person who can make you happy is yourself!

Then you won t even have to wait for a prince on a white horse, because you can choose a partner of your dreams, and not be content with those who simply responded to your pain.

Why do you need a partner? Just to enjoy life twice as much! So that you can calmly admit to yourself: “I feel good even without you, but with you the desire to live and soar on the wings intensifies. And I know that you can cope without me, but with me, believe me, your life is brighter, and your emotions are cooler. “

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