Cheating women has become quite common. Today, men and women cheat almost on an equal footing. Women have long found the strength to close their eyes to the betrayal of their spouses, but the male sex often experiences torment when faced with a similar situation.

The essence of the problem

Cheating on a wife is always hard blow for the spouse… It is no secret that men, no less than women, experience periods of betrayal. Someone eventually learns to put up with an unpleasant past, while someone conceals resentment and anger within their whole life.

There are not so many reasons for cheating on his wife. Most often, women cheat on an emotional level, not a physical one. This means that attachment and sympathy for another man becomes the reason for betrayal.

But it also happens that a woman just wants new sensations that her husband cannot give her. The most serious case is new love in a woman s life… If in the first two cases you can try to forgive your wife and work on the relationship, then in the third version, the spouses will most likely get a divorce, and the man will have deep mental wounds. If the wife does not intend to leave the family and is ready to start all over again, the question arises before the man: is it worth forgiving betrayal? To do this, you need to weigh the pros and cons.

Cheating wife

Pros of forgiving cheating

Someone who has found the strength to forgive betrayal may benefit from it.

  1. The most important advantage of doing this is the opportunity to keep the family… If the spouses have children, the divorce of the mother and father can cause them psychological trauma. Small children find it difficult to go through family changes and can take a long time to get used to a new situation. Accustomed to living in a full-fledged family, they will constantly ask about the second parent and wait for him to return. Constantly lying will not work, sooner or later you will have to reveal an unpleasant secret. The ability to forgive female betrayal will save children from worries and fear.
  2. Opportunity to get better… In some cases, cheating gives a powerful impetus for active development and self-care. Many men, after experiencing grief, change themselves, their character, outlook on life, priorities and field of activity. The turning points in life can give a start to new discoveries and achievements.
  3. Ability to work on relationships… The relationship between a man and a woman is always the work of both personalities. Most often, female infidelity is the result of some problems in the family that a man simply does not notice. In this case, the spouse can love the partner, but have a connection on the side. Such situations provide a couple with the opportunity to talk with each other, discuss all the details and claims, come to some kind of compromise, forgive all past grievances and start all over again.
  4. The likelihood of new feelings… Human psychology is a very unusual and unpredictable thing. It often happens that after the betrayal, new feelings flare up in the spouse, which can be much stronger and stronger than the previous ones. A couple can find love and harmony again. Sometimes only in critical cases do people begin to appreciate and respect each other.
  5. Ability to save acquired property, joint business and savings. If the spouses have their own big business or common savings, divorce can lead to a number of unpleasant procedures, division of property and other headaches. Forgiving his wife, a man remains in his condition. But, naturally, no amount of savings will help regain trust and drown out the heartache.

Woman in bed


As promising as the benefits may sound, forgiving cheating still has more negative consequences.

  • Feminine betrayal – a powerful blow to a man s self-esteem… Even having forgiven and understanding the whole essence of the situation, a man will doubt himself all the time, in his abilities, both sexual and material. Often, after such situations, complexes appear, excessive suspicion, suspiciousness, jealousy, which sometimes reach paranoia. In some cases, the help of a psychologist may be required.
  • Trust is unlikely to be fully restored… Men are owners. And if you take something from them once, they will not be able to feel it in the future as their own. The woman who once went to bed with a stranger s man became somewhat stranger to her husband. Even with all the desire and female diligence, it is unlikely that it will be possible to forget the betrayal and return what was before.
  • It often happens that after the physical betrayal of his wife, the spouses sex life is failing… A man can experience disgust and shy away from intimacy under various pretexts. This state of affairs will bring with it a series of new troubles and, possibly, repeated betrayal.
  • There is a chance to fall into depression… Even having forgiven betrayal, the possibility of withdrawing into oneself, engaging in self-examination and introspection is not excluded. A man can often begin to abuse alcohol, rarely appear at home, in some cases even quit his job or many hobbies.
  • May appear revenge… Even a sincerely loving man can begin to think about the reciprocal action. Self-esteem can be so undermined that aggressive and vengeful sides of the personality wake up in a man. Retaliation is an act of an inadequate and sane person. This is a painful reaction to the betrayal suffered. That is, such actions are committed rashly and under the influence of instincts. This state of affairs will not lead to anything good, and new conflicts and troubles will appear in the family.
  • In a circle of friends, a man who has forgiven betrayal can be reputed a wimp and a loser… Colleagues and associates can regularly condemn such an act and further kill self-confidence.

Husband and wife

Whether or not to forgive the betrayal of a spouse – every man s choice… Before making a decision, it is advisable to analyze the whole situation, consider the circumstances under which the betrayal occurred, and talk to your wife. If the choice was made in the direction of forgiveness, it should be borne in mind that at first you will have to endure strong moral turmoil and torment.

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