Relationships between a man and a woman arise and develop for a reason. Why are some couples harmonious and charged with positive, while others are in disagreement, tension and eternal struggle with each other?

Esoteric teachings say that on the “thin” plane, the relationship between a man and a woman operates at the level of souls and is divided into three types.

True Spiritual Union

The highest and rarest type of relationship. You can enter it only if you have reached a sufficiently high level of spiritual self-development.

We are talking about a meeting with your half, and this expression is not just a figure of speech.

There is a theory according to which twin souls – that is, you and your partner – originated from the same source of energy, the so-called pradusha.

Plato s theory of souls-halves, which from life to life looking for each other, from here.

In true spiritual union, people are not necessarily alike. At the same time, those around them always note the light energy of this couple, charm and joy emanating from them.

Developed souls are incarnated in such families, often in order to fulfill a particularly important mission.

Conditionally spiritual or related union

These pairs are most common. It is a completely positive type of relationship, where partners may have known each other for a small number of lives.

A related couple is united by a common cause, similar interests, one goal. It happens that they have conflicts and disagreements, because this union is not ideal. The future of these relations depends entirely on the efforts of the partners themselves.

Karmic Union of Retribution

But this is a difficult experience associated with working through previous lives. If you (or you) were once inflicted with severe pain, then the law of karma again sends a person into your life to return with love for suffering.

Unfortunately, in order to close a karmic debt with love, you need to be deeply aware and understand what is happening in your life and why you were given this particular test. And such awareness is a rare phenomenon.

Most often, there is an accumulation, layering of negativity: for a once committed betrayal, the one who was betrayed, in turn, answers with betrayal. For violence – murder, for tyranny – deceit, etc. The karmic knot is tightened more, overgrows with new tangled ties, involves new participants.

It is not easy to untangle it, and there is only one way to start this feat: through the development of awareness.

What do we do with this knowledge? If your couple is in harmony, rejoice and be grateful. But not just enjoy family happiness, but use the energy of your love for mutual growth.

If the relationship periodically storms, this is an excuse to look inside yourself. “Movies” about past lives are unlikely to be shown to you, but it is quite possible to bring deep traumas to the surface and work them out – with the help of a good psychotherapist!

Alexey Afanasov,
psychologist, leading practice and trainings

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