“It s boring to live without love,” you sigh.

But then a Special Person appears. He is like a ray of light bursting into gray life. And finally you feel alive, energy boils in you. Heart beats, and thoughts become surprisingly clear. Everyone notices that something has changed in you. You can see it yourself, and you definitely like the new state. As if “something snapped off inside”, “a spring that had been clamped for a long time was straightened”, “wings grew” (I quote my clients).

“This is love,” you say.

– Yes, perhaps you are in love, – I will not argue. – But what is really happening to you? I’ll just tell you my point of view, you don’t have to believe it.

It seems to you that almost divine light emanates from a loved one. In fact, it is your own light, hidden until now, reflected on it and you behold the amazing radiance of your inner Self.

It turns out that we fall in love with the beauty of our own subconscious. And yes – it is truly beautiful.

The path of self-improvement is the path of self-knowledge. The enormous potential given to us from birth is hidden in the depths of the psyche. Our task is to unearth this gift and thereby approach enlightenment.

But we are not directly connected to the beauty of our own soul, we are hindered by blocks and masks that enclose our inner radiance. That s what you need love for! For the same reason, you are so afraid of losing her.

You will be much happier when you realize that your attachment is not directly related to the object of love. He only helps you to feel what you feel next to him. And That very Man may not notice you at all or love him not as much as you love him. Maybe even love another. Of course it will make you suffer terribly. But remember, this does not apply to you real. After all, She (or He) also lives in a world of illusions and endless projections of her mind. We just use each other to better understand ourselves.

Alexey Afanasov,
psychologist, leading practice and trainings

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