Online dating: for or against?

We stopped meeting on the street. We are too lazy, because it is enough to look at the Internet – and on the screen we will be presented with thousands of options for dating …

Online dating: for or against?

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Today, virtual dating applications can be found in every second mobile phone, but it won t take long, and you see, they will be standard along with a calculator or built-in games. One way or another, but this type of entertainment is gaining more and more popularity in our dynamic and sociable society.

Online dating: for or against?

Agree, the idea of ??communicating on the Internet with a nice young man during his work break over a cup of coffee seems much more exciting than washing the bones of his superiors with a colleague. Yes, yes, it is during a break, because almost all such resources provide an opportunity to get acquainted with those who are very close. One has only to create a profile, upload a few good photos, IRs … here are a couple of messages on your page!

Perhaps, having some experience in such acquaintances, I can say with confidence that 80% of your future relationships will depend on how you present yourself at the beginning.

Even the most educated and humble young man will see in his eyes your intentions, and if there are devilish devils dancing lambada, he is unlikely to want to tune you into a more serious mood, and for the time of meeting you he will simply postpone the idea of ??a long-term relationship.

Online dating: for or against?

Dating on the Internet today is no longer surprising, and perhaps there is nothing criminal in them – someone is just passing the time, someone will make useful connections and make friends, and someone is lucky enough to meet their soul mate.

Whatever it was, but so that your date does not turn out to be casual or meaningless, before creating a profile, you should think about it, and what exactly do you want?

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Article published in Issue 6/01/2017

Updated 01.21.2019

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