Online dating – how to turn virtual happiness into real one?

Most people are embarrassed to meet in reality. Parks, cafes, clubs – it would seem that everything is so simple, but, alas, sometimes it is incredibly difficult to step over modesty and constraint. And the fear of rejection does not give confidence. Someone simply does not go to the right places, and it is not at all for the girls to come up first. How to be in a situation when loneliness is already unbearable, but nothing can be changed?

Online dating - how to turn virtual happiness into real one?

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For this, Internet dating sites have long been invented. Most people snort contemptuously when they hear about another service. It is not surprising, because often at the first visit, a flurry of spam, intimate offers and photos, messages from matchmakers falls on the user. It immediately becomes clear that you cannot find your love in such a place. And besides, it is difficult to find an interesting interlocutor out of thousands of users who shares your views on life.

The new generation of sites for singles is distinguished by a high degree of control over spammers, matchmakers and aggressive users, and also involves searching not only by standard parameters, such as age, gender, attitudes towards smoking or alcohol. For example, on you can “weed out” candidates by profession, religion and even nationality filter. You just start a questionnaire, choose the necessary conditions and get a list of possible candidates.

Having decided on the choice of a dating site and posting a profile, try to develop tactics, thanks to which easy virtual communication will successfully turn into a serious, and quite real, relationship.

Install photothat reflect your real appearance as much as possible. In an effort to please the vending user, many often post someone else s, or their “improved” photos in Photoshop. As a result, overestimated expectations are formed on the other side of the screen, and when the long-awaited meeting comes, disappointment is inevitable. It is better to find someone to whom you will become dear without retouching and correction.

Trust but verify… Alas, the world is full of scammers, and it is not always possible to protect each user from them. You should not, in the heat of feelings, transfer your funds to the interlocutor, provide personal data and bank card numbers, send copies of documents. Even if he asks very much and swears to everything he can, looks innocent and convincing, be aware that there is a great risk of loss and savings and feelings.

Feel free to search information about the interlocutor on third-party resources. Search engines provide data not only for a text query – you can use the “image search” by uploading a photo of your correspondence partner. Before the first meeting, it s a good idea to call in a video chat, so you will surely be sure that the person s appearance matches his avatar.

Be yourself… Try to communicate sincerely, do not try to please by portraying the ideal life partner, sharing every look of your partner. Sooner or later, your communication will be transferred to the material world, where the discrepancy between the romantic image from the network and the real figure will inevitably cause the collapse of all dreams.

Be mindful of the little things… From the very first reports, it is often easy to identify professional “pick-up artists”, prostitutes, matchmakers, perverts. Too cheeky tone, clichйs and patterns, inappropriate humor – all this is a very likely sign that the interlocutor has no serious intentions. Try to trust your intuition, use the methods of Sherlock Holmes – analyze virtual letters, their spelling and punctuation, emoticons. Do not close your eyes to annoying or unpleasant moments – believe me, in life these corners will sharpen more.

Fill out the form as accurately and completely as possible… You may not have to look for a partner – happiness will knock on the door by itself. More precisely, in private messages. The more information in the questionnaire, the higher the likelihood of getting a message from the ideal partner.

Try it, you might get lucky!
Try it, you might get lucky!
Photo: Depositphotos

Do not put pressure on the interlocutorinsisting on seeing you soon. Even if you think you are the perfect match, the person on the other side of the monitor may still have doubts. Some people need more time to take serious steps; excessive pressure can only frighten off the candidate they like.

Be calm about failure… On the Internet, as in life, gaps between interlocutors are possible. Try to take everything philosophically – if the connection is broken, then this is simply not your person. Try again, on the portal of thousands of people, there will definitely be someone who will make you happy!

Although many people, when they hear about online dating, snort contemptuously, there are a great many couples on earth that have developed thanks to such sites. Try and you, what if you get lucky?

Article published in 04/04/2017

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