Online dating. Is the French kiss really that sweet?

This story began in the spring. At this moment in my life, I had a difficult period filled with a mass of negative emotions, and in order not to go crazy and not slip into depression, I began to learn English.

Online dating. Is the French kiss really that sweet?

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I really liked him at school. I thought it would be nice to pull him up now. When traveling, it can be very useful, and I love to do it! Knowing about my passion for English, a friend advised me to register on a language exchange site – this is where some people communicate to improve their language skills, but by and large, the main audience is set up for romance and flirting.

It is an amazing feeling when you meet people from different parts of the world every day! In the morning you drink coffee with a playful conversation with Los Angeles on Skype, get a bunch of sugary-sweet confessions from Turkey and fall asleep to the gentle cooing of Paris: “Reve de nous, mon Amour!”.

Cold gray morning. Lady Antebellum “Need You Now” is playing on the speakers. There are tons of new messages in the mail from the USA, Turkey, Germany, Algeria, Spain and … France. In the evening, a cold shower and Garou songs in headphones. It hurts, it hurts a lot …

Online dating. Is the French kiss really that sweet?

Why do I still love him and can t forget? Maybe it just takes time. I put my hands on the steering wheel of my car, my head tilted back, heavy eyelids closed my eyes. Billie Myers sang his song “Kiss the rain” on the radio, and tears run down his cheeks in thin streams. How I want to be now not here, but at the airport, waiting for the Moscow-Paris flight, knowing that you are flying to me on the wings of love.

PS The plot of the article is taken from one story heard by the author on the Internet. Names and some details are not mentioned at the request of the main character.

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