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# 2. Development of a magnetic gift

# 3. The strength of the female inner magnet

#four. Male attraction

Personality magnetism - photo 1Female magnetism is a natural gift of every woman. This magical flow represents a piece of the ocean of opportunities that women are given. However, they can use this gift without much effort. These are loving wives, caring mothers and self-sufficient people inside with a “magnet” for men.

Skillfully using such a gift, you can be the ones on whom all the views of other people will be riveted. Since these ladies do not walk, but hover above the ground, leaving behind an invisible trail of charm. And they simply cannot remain without the attention of others. However, it is not so easy to fly when you have to remember the problems at work and obligations to the family.

What does the inner “magnet” give?

Success in life and career achievements, amorous affairs is largely influenced by our ability Personality magnetism - photo 2attract people around you to your personas, win them over to your side, control them. And this is the magnetism of individuals. In fact, having such a power opens the door to a world of limitless possibilities in your life. You just need to subdue and manage it in your own interests.

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Each of us is unique. A person with magnetism often has a normal appearance. But he simply never betrays himself, does not try to copy someone, is simple and pleasant in communication with others. And this attracts others, he is interesting to others. Nobody forbids anyone who wants to have idols. But you shouldn t copy them entirely, inherit them. You can be inspired by the idea and create your own new unique image.

The magnetic person is cheerful, open and friendly. He is always smiling, and his sincere smile does not go unnoticed. Indeed, against the background of gloomy faces, of which there are so many around, this is a positive that attracts more than one look.

Coldness and arrogance can stand out from the crowd. However, such traits have nothing to do with personal magnetism. Better to be kind, sympathetic and selfless. This is more welcome and is able to influence others, evoke positive emotions.

To arouse interest in yourself, you must be passionate about any favorite pastime, have a hobby. It doesn t really matter what a person is passionate about. Others will surely be curious about it.

And the unpredictability puts another plus in the set-off, because those around them love when they are surprised.

Also, optimists are always held in high esteem, and for such a person s view of life, the world pays them with the same coin. After all, the world “wants” to be decorated, loved and appreciated every moment of its life. And everyone who thinks this way becomes the center of attention of the people who surround them.

Development of a magnetic gift

Personality Magnetism - Photo 3If you think your inner magnet is lacking in strength, it can be developed. And there is a kind of sequence of actions that enhances the performance of the internal “magnet”:

  • The first step is to get rid of fears, pain, find inner balance. This is the most difficult but very important working stage. It is necessary to bring all the emotional negative to the surface and get rid of it forever. We cannot soar above the ground and catch glances at ourselves until there is complete freedom within us. Naturally, this will take a lot of effort.
  • At the second stage, it is necessary to understand the relationship with the environment. And first of all, put everything on the shelves in the relationship of parents to you. If you have a lurking resentment against them, you need to clarify the situation and remove all grievances and misunderstandings.
  • The third stage involves working with your body. Our physical shell is the best friend and ally in life. The work can be different. But it is always aimed at harmonizing the bodily and mental state. Improvise, use different techniques and practices.
  • At the fourth stage, you need to learn to feel the power of energies, the elements of the Universe, trusting it entirely. A woman with a magnetic gift knows how to restore her energy and relax. This will allow you to find harmony with the world around you. Be grateful, gain faith in yourself and the world around you.
  • The fifth is considered the most enjoyable stage. Here you need to get the skill of enjoying your own body, learn to experience joy, accepting every inner sensation, experience. Those who know how to do this can be seen from afar. Their eyes show a special shine, they are incredibly attractive to others.
  • The sixth stage concerns creation, which must be conscious, with positive emotions and a clear mind. There is no place for deceit and falsehood in a magnetic person.
  • The seventh stage is designed to understand your own value for the world around you. Magnetic women understand what they want, what they strive for in their lives.

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If you patiently go through all these steps, then the inner magnet will make you feel like a real “queen”.

Qualities that make the female sex attractive and attractive.

Consider the main elements that characterize the magnetism of a woman:

  • Femininity is ranked first for a reason. This is the ability to feel your feminine mission, energy, to be kind, sympathetic and gentle to the environment. You can be feminine in simple clothes, without makeup, and also without visiting expensive salons.
  • Elegance – simplicity in appearance, calmness and demeanor distinguishes the magnetic representatives of the fair sex from the crowd. They do not need ideal body parameters and branded clothing. It comes from within.
  • Sexuality is not about accessibility, but about greatness. Without this quality, you cannot attract a man.
  • Charm is a highlight that is noticed at first sight and is remembered for a long time. It is felt in the timbre of the voice, the manner of speaking and moving, the expression of the eyes, and behavior.
  • Self-confidence can be considered half of success and the foundation for a prosperous life. They definitely deserve to be in the spotlight.
  • Radiate happiness no matter what. This is a deliberate choice of those who do not depend on the circumstances. They always choose to be happy, no matter how many problems they have.
  • Healthy ambition is an indicator that a magnetic person knows what she wants to achieve in her life. They are very attractive for the male half.
  • Passion is total surrender in everything that it does. This is life in the brightest colors, where halftones should not be.
  • Kindness is an inherent property that neither expensive clothes nor beautiful facial features will ever replace.
  • Intellectual ability is also important for building relationships with the opposite sex.

The strength of the female inner magnet

In fact, our magnet attracts what corresponds to inner vibrations. Only to the active magnet is the positive attracted in the form of love, abundance, ideas, loyal friends, etc. You can t attract anything with a passive magnet.

Feminine magnetism, the power of this property, can be used to create your own ideal world. And there no one can dictate terms and set rules.

Male attraction

Personality magnetism - photo 4And in conclusion, a few words about male magnetism. There are factors that determine it. The beautiful half of humanity pays attention:

  • on appearance and health status (biological factors);
  • character traits, temperament (emotional and psychological factors);
  • intelligence, ability to be realized (intellectual factors);
  • consistency and presentable appearance (socio-economic factors).

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If you want to develop your magnetic gift, but do not know how, contact the Center for Personality Development “Arcanum”.

Personality magnetism
Personality magnetism

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