A woman who has been offended by a womanizer gains experience in a relationship with them. She will stop relying on them, will behave more circumspectly. But, everything will evenly pull her towards eloquent, beautifully caring men. She will believe that next time the gallant ladies man will not deceive her. She will again believe his beautiful words, gestures, again believe his persuasion.
By business, by the manner of behaving, one can determine the character of a man. Closely, observing him for the first minutes of a conversation, an attentive, experienced female eye can determine what he is.

Signs of a womanizer

  • When he meets a woman, he behaves too confidently.
  • Repeats memorized phrases that can be said to any girl and in any setting.
  • Quickly and easily, saving time, evaluates himself from the positive side.
  • She dresses fashionably, tries to look like a prosperous rich and generous man. At the first meeting, hurry up to continue communication. At the same time, he talks with other girls, examines their slender legs, making them hints that he is free.
  • He flatters the girl immoderately, trying to get her embarrassed. One should not mistake his immoderate flattery for gallantry.
  • Appoints late afternoon dates, freeing up daytime for work. So the womanizer protects the love relationship with the prose of life.
  • He is often in places where many girls and young women can be found. In nightclubs, on pleasure walks, at weddings.
  • Having won one victory, the womanizer immediately loses interest in her. He is interested in new prey. Such a man is governed by his animal instincts, not reason. He is never interested in the details of his lady s personal life and does not tell anything about himself.
  • A womanizer from the first meeting will make a woman unambiguous hints of intimacy. He invites them to drive to his apartment, have a cup of coffee. Having received a refusal, he will not remind of himself for a couple of weeks, and then he will repeat the offer again. Bored and afraid of losing such a gallant man, more often than not, a woman agrees to intimacy.
The man continues dating, not out of a desire to get to know the woman better. He wants to quickly share a common bed with her. The womanizer does not seek to establish a relationship, he simply lowers it to the level of sex. A woman suffers that after a love relationship, a man still considers himself free. The womanizer quickly ceases to be interested in his partner and begins to look for her replacement. For him, the very process of courtship is important. A woman in love with him is no longer a prey for a womanizer.

Two opposites of a womanizer

  1. A man wants to have fun making love to different women. He quickly dumps his partner for a new acquaintance. Such men are popularly called libertines.
  2. Leaves a woman as soon as a serious relationship begins between them. He is afraid of emotional addiction.

Why doesn t he want to stop before he gets a bad reputation?
Because the womanizer strives, faster to fall in love with a woman. With each victory over a woman, he becomes more and more accustomed to such a relationship, which is difficult for him to break off.

How to defeat them?

Trying to connect her fate with a womanizer, a woman will need to spend a lot of nerves to overcome his unfounded fears. It is necessary to overcome his negative attitude towards the female sex. But if she loves him, then she has a chance.
The following rules will help a woman to marry a womanizer.

  • Don t rush things. Meetings should only take place at the request of the woman. When she wants, and not when the womanizer agrees. A man, when he falls in love, is ready to meet every day, and keep his partner until late at night.
    Personal affection for a woman should outpace the man s love yearning. A woman needs to restrain the onslaught of a man, promising a date in the near future.
  • Don t rush to make love. In normal men, closeness determines the beginning of family life. For womanizers, it means the end of a romantic romantic relationship. The longer the bouquet-flower relationship lasts, the better. After all, womanizers have more respect for the woman who is the most difficult to win. The difficulty of having a woman only intensifies his desire. But then, having achieved his goal, he will appreciate his partner and consider himself a hero.
  • A woman needs to defend her right, not to yield to her partner in anything. A womanizer does not respect complaisant women. They are delighted with that victory won with difficulty.
  • A woman with a strong character, her own opinion and great demands is a worthy rival on the battlefield of love. A woman who knows exactly what she needs prolongs the womanizer s interest in her person. And of course, she commands his respect.

  • Do not allow yourself to be negligent. The womanizer looks closely at the subject of his hobby. According to the reaction of his lady to his courtship and actions, he meticulously evaluates her. Therefore, in order for a woman to be appreciated at her true worth, it is necessary to present great claims to a man. She should not allow vulgar anecdotes to be told in her presence, or to be familiar with her. She is obliged to force to treat her with respect.

Two ways to teach a womanizer a lesson to be polite to a woman?

  1. Act according to its rules. It’s good if, after intimacy, the woman is the first to leave the man. She will not only stop calling him herself, but also will not answer his calls. She will fully enjoy his discouraged appearance.
  2. Acting according to the second method, a woman can turn a womanizer into an exemplary husband. She needs to prove to him that all his fears are in vain. That love exists in the world, and he may like family relationships. A woman must put a lot of strength, intelligence and patience, but the family is worth it. But, as a rule, womanizers are not fixable. They will walk after the wedding. They just restrain themselves if there are many beautiful women around.

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