#one. Psychology of sexuality

# 2. Sexuality of women

# 3. Sexuality of men

#four. How to develop sexuality?

#five. The energy of sexuality

# 6. Exercises for sexuality

# 7. Secrets of sexuality

A person is born of a certain gender, identifying demeanor, lifestyle. Since sexuality is a manifestation of temperament, it is associated with the characteristics of a particular gender. This area is not fully understood. Female and male sexuality have different psychology. Since the psychology of sexuality is different, then sexuality is manifested and revealed in different ways.

Psychology of sexuality

Sexuality is not a simple attribute of character given at birth, but an energy to attract another person. Many factors influence the management of a given energy. The disclosure of a person s sexuality depends on this. He is intended to attract attention by manifesting his special energy, creating a certain image. Such natures attract the opposite sex. Psychology distinguishes between normal and abnormal sexuality, which psychology views as dependent on reflexes. The dangers of such energy are not fully understood.

Sexuality of women

Women s sexuality is not ideal body parameters and explicit outfit, but an emphasis on internal energy that can awaken male emotions. The energy of female sexuality expresses external charm, can contribute to the inclusion of male interest, love, animal instinct. Psychology considers a woman s sexuality to be a powerful force. There are certain signs of female sexuality:

  • restraint and moderate confidence will make a woman a queen, and isolation does not have that energy, makes it seem invisible to men;
  • the beauty of the breast sends a certain energy;
  • elasticity of the buttocks is an influential factor in the psychology of men;
  • the seductiveness of the body is a powerful message of the energy of attraction;
  • expressive look – the energy of attraction of men;
  • grooming of nails, hands and hair affects the psychology of a man;
  • high heels are a strong aspect of attractiveness and female sexuality;
  • the style of a woman s clothing, according to the psychology of a man, should emphasize dignity.

From the point of view of psychology, the harmony of the sound of internal and external manifestations forms such a concept as female sexuality.

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Sexuality of men

Women also value the stronger sex in their own way. Male sexuality has its own energy and the following characteristics:

  • confidence, but not narcissism;
  • charm is able to win over women;
  • masculine beauty exudes powerful sexual energy;
  • intellectual abilities are important components of sexual energy;
  • caring, kindness and condescension will bribe any girl;
  • composure in any situation;
  • those with a sense of humor are appreciated by most women.

Sexual behavior is viewed as a means of communication. Proficiency in body language can develop powerful sexuality to attract another person.

How to develop sexuality?

Nature has laid down sexuality for every person. There are a number of factors that inhibit the disclosure of human sexuality. One should study the barriers to the flow of energy and strive to develop sexuality. Sex becomes a pleasure for both partners only with harmonious relationships and perceptions. And if both partners are wondering how to develop sexuality, they are on the right track. You need to explore yourself, understand your addictions, not be afraid to experiment and break taboos.

Incomplete openness of partners about experiences reduces their sexual energy flow. You just have to be sincere. Sexuality and attractiveness to a man will be given, for example, by the fulfillment of some forgotten idea. Indeed, in the development of male sexuality, the role of self-realization is not the last thing. Positive thinking will give a more significant flow of energy than worrying about failures and failures. Positive energy will magnetise a member of the opposite sex, as it increases the energy of sexuality. You can flirt, because flirting is regarded as a certain game. And with the help of a new favorite activity, you can increase, reveal oppressed sexuality. Dance, for example, can teach you to feel a partner. Showing interest in a person with a smile, casual tactile touch will explain to your partner how you are feeling.

The energy of sexuality

Using your magnetism and the energy of your sexuality only to attract the attention of a passer-by, to recognize, hold a man, or manipulate, you can get a dummy. After all, real energy is generated by the courage to be yourself, to allow everything you want. If we act at the request of the environment, sexual energy decreases. This energy is blocked by any prohibitions. And the flow of energy can completely dry up. Sexual energy is generated by actions and thoughts. Doubts in the head block the flow of this energy. And through bodily practices, you can release our energy. But a strong flow of energy, like an element, is capable of crushing. And only the one who is confident, knows how to love and respect others, will be able to conquer and harness this powerful energy. Stability, plasticity of the soul will help to survive in the flow of sexual energy. A person who is ablaze with powerful sexual energy often burns out quickly. You shouldn t go to extremes. The energy of sexuality requires a person to feel the depth of the flow and correctly assess the possibilities. The result will be survival in the flow of energy and enjoyment of interaction.

Sexual energy isn t just for sex. This energy is used through the motor center for sports, instinctive – for proper nutrition, emotional – for creativity, intellectual – for self-knowledge. Energy that does not come out habitually can go the wrong way. The power of sexual energy is not so much for conception as it has a creative function. This energy can be used for self-development. All human centers have enough resources of sexual energy. This is the energy of life. But, since there are negative aspects, energy can be lost.

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Separately, we can note the female sexual energy. A woman with powerful energy is attractive to everyone. This energy opens up additional opportunities, contributes to an increase in financial flow. Sexual energy gives a woman charisma, unprecedented strength. It gives energy for creativity. Sexual female energy gives pleasure to every moment of life. To some extent, this may also apply to male sexual energy. But the psychology of male sexuality is different.

Male sexual energy is not only the enjoyment of a woman, but the pursuit of strength, courage, wealth, success, and more. The source is male sexuality. Youth allows you to waste energy recklessly, then you have to save and save. And closer to thirty, the program of the male father turns on. The king needs to reign on the throne. And the queen gives energy to the king.

Exercises for sexuality

You can achieve a full-fledged harmony of energy, a vibrant sex life with the help of exercises to increase female sexuality. The nature of this sexuality is similar to a wave that rushes in, leaves, fills. There are a number of practices and different sets of exercises for developing energy. We ll cover a few simple but relevant exercises. They are good for women s health. The following exercises exist:

  • Plank is one of the most effective exercises that engages most of the muscles;
  • “Bridge” will allow you to feel a surge of energy;
  • “Squat” is an effective exercise to increase libido;
  • with regular performance of “Kegel exercises” sexuality will increase;
  • exercise “cat” will increase the mobility of the spine;
  • hula hoop exercises will help you understand how to develop and work your pelvic and abdominal muscles.

Most exercise can be beneficial for men as well. Exercise is light. Exercise regularly will diversify your intimate life. The effectiveness of the exercises is naturally dependent on the quality of the performance. The role of these exercises is invaluable for moral health.

Secrets of sexuality

There are various secrets of sexuality. Among them:

  • confidence;
  • sense of humor;
  • intelligence;
  • presence of ambition;
  • tactile contact;
  • the power of the gaze;
  • interest in a partner;
  • gentleness of character;
  • individuality of style;
  • attention to details;
  • correct posture;
  • attractiveness of the voice;
  • positive mood.

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As you can see, there is nothing supernatural. Everyone can use the secrets of increasing sexuality. And the specialists of the Arcanum center will help you to understand the issues of the nature and psychology of sexuality and how to properly develop and effectively use your sexual energy. After all, the energy of human sexuality affects many aspects of life. It will be useful to learn how, with the help of special exercises, to improve your well-being and sex life, develop important qualities in yourself and learn to understand others.

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