Safe sex on the Internet. Where to find the right partner?

Nowadays, the Internet has become an integral part of the life of almost every person. It is so tightly interconnected with our daily life that it is very difficult to imagine its absence. The Internet is what makes our life more convenient and easier, more mobile. And the fact that we transferred many aspects of our reality to virtual space in order to save time, and simply because it is easy and convenient, turned out to be quite predictable. One of those moments is online acquaintance.


Making acquaintance on the Internet is easier than, directly, in a real society. The Internet is a zone of almost absolute freedom and expression of one s desires, which have to be held back in real life due to various conditions, be it observance of etiquette or even violation of current legislation. In the Internet space, it is easier for a person to get rid of complexes and become liberated.

There are many social networks for dating on the Internet, both of general importance (classmates, VKontakte, my world) and specialized ones, which aim to find their soul mate (mamba, loveplanet) as the main goal. One of the main reasons for dating the opposite sex is to satisfy sexual needs. Prolonged lack of sex often leads to the destruction of personal life. Negative attitude towards others, irritability – these are just a few of the symptoms that a lonely, dissatisfied person suffers from.

Naturally, when meeting on the Internet, you are not immune from a flurry of offers to immediately engage in sex, but, in turn, the Internet protects you from direct physical harassment. This is definitely a positive point.

So, where to start looking for a potential partner in the interactive space. First of all, you need to decide and realize why you need a partner: for a serious relationship or directly for sex for a while.

Sex without obligation: the simpler the goal, the easier and faster it is to achieve. For those who are least fortunate in real relationships or who cannot start them due to lack of time, just throw a cry: “I want sex!”, Attach a spicy “photo”, and … you can count the seconds until potential partners appear. Of course, the quality and contingent will vary, there is nothing to be done. We select applicants and choose the lucky one. Well, what did you expect? Everyone wants! Perhaps this relationship will develop into something more serious.
For me personally, this kind of relationship is unacceptable and not enjoyable.

Serious relationship: for a serious relationship that includes sex, you must first find the subject of your feelings and desires. Establish communication aimed at deeper acquaintance, so that your partner begins to trust you and let you into your personal space, taking his time and revealing his feelings to you.

It must be remembered that the sooner you transfer your virtual feelings into the real world, the sooner you will know if there is a chance to embody this relationship physically. For seriousness obliges.

To successfully achieve the goal with a successful acquaintance, your joint relationship must go through these main stages:
one) Virtual communication. Through correspondence on social networks.
2)Voice contact by phone or skype.
3) Physical communication and contact.

You must not forget about the dangers that lie in wait for you when meeting on the Internet. On any resource, you may encounter the following participants:

Pickupers. Individuals who are looking for dating solely for the purpose of seduction and replenishment of their collection of victories in the sexual field.

Network trolls. They are amused by playing on your feelings. They will try to bring you into emotional conflict, getting special psychological pleasure from this.

Scammers. This contingent of users makes acquaintances, aimed at getting money and other material benefits from you, under the means of deception. Remember! Your money is just your money. People who accuse you of stinginess cannot be justified by any good feelings and intentions.

Maniacs. The danger that a person you like on the Web may turn out to be a maniac should not be a reason for abandoning this type of relationship. Taking precautions and thoughtful actions will keep you out of trouble and help you avoid dangerous situations.

Regulars of chats / forums. For them, online dating and communication has become a habit with the help of which they get away from everyday bored reality and everyday life. Their goal is most often to conquer the next girl / guy, rather than the desire to have sex.

Returning to reality, I note that the Internet is certainly funny, but every year we feel less and less reality, and, harming our physical body, we are drawn into the stream of ones and zeros. As one of the classics, who wished to remain anonymous, put it: “Have sex gentlemen, and do not have brains for yourself and others!»© Have sex, love each other, do not be shy about your feelings, let sex take not the last place in your life. And to keep your sex safe, remember to use condoms. Luck with searching!

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Article published in Issue 02/12/2015

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