self-affirmation in sexSex – that sweet carrot for which most of society lives. Before starting the article, I want to warn you. If you enjoy sex, if sex is one of your primary methods for experiencing happiness and life satisfaction, then don t read this article! The purpose of this article is to expose sex, to bring lust and lust to clean water. Of course, everything that is said here is just one of the possible views and it is most suitable for those who think about their own self-development and prefer to call a spade a spade.

Sex (sexuality) includes two main aspects: energy and self-importance (PSV).

Sexuality as energy

Excitement and desire have sex – it is simply energy that accumulates in the area of ??the sexual energy center. Sexual arousal is irritation that occurs due to excess energy. Considering only this energetic aspect, all you really want is not a woman or a man, in fact we want to eliminate the irritant and enjoy the energy burned during sexual orgasm. And here it is not so important that a person does it alone, or with a partner. The need to have a partner comes mainly from the second aspect – a sense of self-importance.

The desire to have sex with a woman or a man is our way to indulge our pride and assert ourselves. The sense of self-importance prompts us to experience the feeling of ownership, jealousy, affection and complacency, which in the aggregate in our society is so often called the word “love”. If you remove jealousy and a sense of ownership, in most cases there will be no trace of “love”.

Why a sense of self-importance?

Remember your favorite childhood toys? Remember how you asked your parents to buy a new doll, or a new car? And when the “toy” is so alive … so universal and beautiful that everyone wants to have the same, or at least similar? Then the sense of self-importance from the possession of such a toy grows by leaps and bounds! I would like to feel that you possess her, that she is truly yours (this “toy”). The peak of this “possession” is sex!

Everything related to the various secretions of the body is quite delicate, intimate and very ambivalent: either disgusting, or – quite the opposite. And when you understand that your adult toy is not disgusting, but on the contrary – your discharge is pleasant, it tremendously feeds your pride! Animals have no pride, so they mate as needed, and not out of idleness, or for the pleasure of the ego during sex. On this topic, has a number of articles under the tag “vanity”.

We can say that there is sex, and there is sexuality – and these are two different things. Sex is motivated by that very natural need. Sexuality is social. It s a bit of pride in being in contact with an attractive partner. For the masturbator, the role of an attractive partner is replaced by porn films or their own fantasies. At the same time, a natural need can be so confused with a social one that a person already hardly realizes whether he really wants sex on a bodily level, or is it just from the mind – a desire to have a good time. Including from here – problems with potency.

“Safe” sex

For personal development, it is unproductive to abuse sexual energy and have sex or masturbation out of boredom, especially watching porn to get aroused and have a “nice time.” Do not get too carried away with the joy of your pride when in contact with a sexy partner. Self-confidence and adequate self-esteem are built only on self-confidence and on real actions that lead to real changes.

But if you really want to, then suppress yourself in sex is not worth it. Complete abstinence is a monastic path that does not suit the layman. But sometimes, at least for the sake of interest, you can trace your feelings, how they arise, and how they fade away. Through contemplation, you can try to “lift” the excitement through the coccyx area up along the spine. When the sex center opens up, sex no longer gives such pleasure and the need for it decreases. There are many literatures on this topic in esoteric shops about various Taoist and Tantric practices.

Sex abuse leads to a large expenditure of vital energy, causes weakness, drowsiness, laziness, lethargy, dullness and apathy.

As for the various tantric techniques. I have nothing against them, but in my subjective opinion among domestic esotericists, tantra is, for the most part, an excuse, a “spiritual” reason and just a fashionable name for everyday sex.

Once again I want to emphasize – all this is just one of the possible views on what is happening.

© Igor Satorin

The theme of self-affirmation in sex (and not only in it) is voiced in more detail in the novel “The Mechanical God”. You can download the book here.

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