Many single guys ask a similar question. And on the street, as luck would have it, couples in love are constantly haunted, who bring sadness from the realization of loneliness. Some of them are guided by a common truth – if something is not in life, then it’s not time yet. One has only to wait a little and life itself gives a larger piece than one could wish for. And someone flaunts a completely different proverb – water does not flow under a lying stone. And, as always, the truth is somewhere in between.

What if the girl is not there?

What you should definitely not do for a lonely guy is to dwell on your loneliness.

In life many interesting moments besides the second half… Depending on his age, a guy can either do his studies, which in the future will help him get settled in life, or work – for example, develop his own business, and sometimes both! Also, don t forget about your friends. From work and study, you need to be able to relax, in which friends can help.

Further actions depend on how a particular young man understands the concepts of “searching for a girl” and “waiting for his soul mate.” Before making a choice in favor of one or another option, you should weigh the pros and cons.

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Finding a girl: pros and cons

Most often, the search for a girl means active acquaintance with different representatives of the opposite sex. The search process is quite long and energy-consuming, but there are a huge number of options where you can meet a girl. Each of them has its own advantages and disadvantages.

You can get acquainted with a girl:

  1. Outside.
  2. In a common company.
  3. In gym.
  4. In the cinema, theater, skating rink – in any cultural and leisure centers.
  5. On the Internet (social networks and dating sites).

Meeting on the street is the easiest option. But it does not always work due to various circumstances. Many girls are simply afraid to meet on the street after watching crime news. A young man, meeting on the street, also risks. First, he may be rejected, and this affects self-esteem. Secondly, since the choice is made solely on the basis of external data, the girl may turn out to be married, sick, selfish, have a bad character, and a lot of other unpredictable moments.

Meeting on the street

In a general company, the acquaintance of young people is more likely, since there is an opportunity to observe how the girl behaves, how she talks. From mutual acquaintances, you can learn a lot about her past, social status, education, character and even preferences (which will then help the guy with the choice of gifts for his birthday and Valentine s Day). In this case, the risks are minimal, but there are also disadvantages – for example, if a couple breaks up, then it will become impossible to rest in the same company and both can lose a significant number of friends.

If a young man goes in for sports and it is important for him that the future half supports him in this, then the gym will be an excellent way to get to know him. A huge plus is that already at the stage of acquaintance, the couple has common interests… And minus – all in the same unpredictable surprises in the form of a bad character, the presence of a husband and others.

Meeting at the gym

The informal atmosphere of a cultural and leisure center can help to understand the interests and hobbies of the prospective soulmate, as well as evaluate external data. But acquaintance in such places makes full-fledged communication impossible, since in the process of watching a movie or a theatrical scene, you will have to be distracted and distract others.

There is another option where a young man can meet a girl – social networks or dating sites… This method is available to every young person, which is its main advantage. In addition, in the course of communication, you can find out the interests and preferences of the girl. But to check the reliability of everything said, her age, as well as the correspondence between the profile photo and the real girl, is possible only in a personal meeting, which sometimes ends in huge disappointment. This is especially true of dating sites, because there the likelihood of meeting a married woman or woman with large complexes increases.

Finding a girl for a young man is fraught with various risks, depending on the method of acquaintance.

The generalized disadvantages of active search are:

  • Time-consuming, in other words, wasted time.
  • Probability of failure.
  • An unpredictable ending and no guarantees that at least one of the above activities will lead to a result.

This is why some young people choose the alternative – just wait.

Waiting for the second half: pros and cons

Waiting is understood as the absence of active actions to find a girl.

The guy should be aware that in modern society, he still has to take the first step… Therefore, waiting for your soul mate does not at all mean that one day she herself will fall on her head. You can just live, look around. And it is not at all necessary to deliberately choose places where many women go, or deliberately sign up for the gym just for the sake of acquaintance.

Undoubtedly, this development of events has its advantages:

  1. A lot of free time, which, instead of searching, can be spent on self-realization and development.
  2. Financial opportunities are higher.
  3. Self-esteem does not decrease, as it happens when a girl refuses.

Male development

Of course, there are also disadvantages, although they are rather arbitrary and not all guys have at all:

  • If a young person does not have many friends, then the lack of communication with the opposite sex leads to depression and fear of loneliness.
  • It is impossible to predict exactly how long you will have to wait for “your” person, and not every guy is ready to wait for years.
  • Lack of sexual life for an indefinite time (after all, for it to be, you still need to search or at least get acquainted).

Look for a soul mate or wait patiently everyone decides independently… Someone will be frightened by those moments that can be encountered when meeting a girl, and someone will be helped to choose the appropriate method of acquaintance and forced to act.

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