The Slavs had many interesting (and useful!) Traditions regarding the relationship between husband and wife.

Here are examples of some of them. You can use them today.


Great working method of psychotherapy, by the way! So, about once a week, the couple stayed at home alone and devoted the whole day to building relationships, mercy. They talked about grievances, experiences; asked for forgiveness for mistakes, discussed the pressing issues of family life.

    At the same time, since the time for mercy was still limited, and the issues needed to be resolved so that each side felt satisfied, the partners strove to meet each other halfway.

    This tradition has a big plus in comparison with showdown on the go. In the heat of the moment, you can utter a lot of poisonous words, and when the problem is discussed after some time, detached and deliberately, then such a conversation is only beneficial. She not only helps to find a reasonable way out of a difficult situation, but also creates an atmosphere of benevolence and acceptance in the family, and also the confidence that they will definitely listen to you.

    The magic of food

    Modern scholars of Slavic culture argue that this tradition is one of the most ancient.

      The bottom line is that while cooking – and a man and a woman do it in turn – the partner clearly represents and articulates the qualities that, in his opinion, should develop in his half. For example, gentleness, flexibility, courage, determination …

      Of course, the meaning of the rite is not to “refine” the partner for the sake of his convenience, but to help him become more harmonious for his own good.

      And we add that food cooked with love is really especially tasty and healthy.


      Another useful tradition, simple and very powerful.

        Partners should refrain from accusations and constant claims (a special day has been set aside for a soft resolution of conflicts, which we already wrote about above), but it is recommended to praise and encourage – “glorify” – each other as often as possible.

        Indeed, if a person constantly hears that he is a loser, a coward and a fool, he will behave accordingly. If you give other attitudes: “you are the most caring”, “you are the smartest”, “you are the most beautiful” – then this naturally awakens the desire to improve and develop.

        Husband combing his wife s hair

        It is no secret that in Russia, long, thick female hair was given special importance. A great many mystical rituals are associated with them.

          There was one like this: twice a day, the husband slowly and gently combed his wife s hair with a wooden comb. It was believed that this strengthens the family, that the man thus receives protection from his wife, and the wife gains peace and strength.

          It is important that during the ritual the husband concentrates on positive messages, for example: “Everything is going smoothly and well with you, our family is strong and loving.”

          Try it! It’s also very nice.

          Wife washing husband s feet

          No, there is no humiliation of female dignity here, the husband is combing his wife s hair!

            When complaints and petty nagging about her husband accumulated or it was necessary to help him – to increase his inner strength, confidence, determination, the spouses went to the bathhouse, and there the wife washed her husband s feet.

            It was believed that this gives a man inner strength and helps to develop the qualities of a protector and earner.

            In addition, the Slavs believed that “stupidity”, that is, negative energy, accumulates in the legs. To get rid of it, a ritual of ablution is needed. In this way, a woman helps her husband get away from bad thoughts and memories, relaxes him, and at the same time clears her mind.

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