Sooner or later, a man finds himself a mate. For him, this is the most beautiful of women. It was not for nothing that he chose her from among others. Of course, she is the most beautiful, intelligent, sexy. What happens if anyone doubts this? What emotions will a man experience? Is he ready to admit that he chose this particular woman only because he was scared to approach a more beautiful, intelligent and sexy woman.

No, he will never agree to confirm it. On the contrary, he will try to convince his friends and acquaintances that he managed to conquer the most beautiful lady on Earth. Deep down, a man understands that he is not sincere with others. But what does it matter if a loved one is nearby.

Why ugly women are popular with men

If men are afraid of beautiful, then they are attracted by ugly women. Is it so? Let s try to find proof by contradiction.

  1. Beautiful is stupid. This statement is firmly entrenched in the minds of people. I think blondes are especially stupid. At the same time, they are classified as the most attractive of the fairer sex. In one famous film it is said that for a gentleman there is nothing better than a blonde. Therefore, if a woman is ugly, she is smart by default. And, as you know, men prefer to marry smart ones. And besides, beauty is immediately visible, but the mind is not. That is, you can make a mistake here, but you will not find out about it right away. However, the winner is the ugly woman and, preferably, the brunette. Because because of his fear of two female individuals, a man will approach her.
  2. An ugly woman is not popular with the opposite sex. Therefore, a man imagines how she sits and waits for the first comer who will offer her a hand and a heart and, accordingly, there is no need to wait for a refusal from her. And what could be worse for a man than to fail, especially in front of the audience. Therefore, he is more likely to suit a less noticeable lady than a bright and attractive beauty. In this case, he is guaranteed to receive consent to acquaintance and will look like a winner.
  3. Beauty depends on the efforts that a woman makes to maintain her and on the cost and quality of the means that she uses for this. If a woman does not look attractive, then she does not spend a lot of money on herself, and therefore does not expect additional expenses from a man. Therefore, one should not be afraid that the financial situation will not allow such a woman to be supported. She was used to being content with little. Natural male stinginess plays a role here.
  4. From the same category, the fear that the beauty is accustomed to attention and fans, and, accordingly, to expensive gifts and tokens of attention. And a simpleton, not spoiled by men, will be glad to any of the most modest offerings. In this case, the budget can be saved, and there is confidence that in the future the lady s appetites will not increase to such limits that the man will not be able to satisfy them. And the woman, leaving him, will go to the one who can give her everything she needs.
  5. Fear of treason. As you know, men themselves can cheat, but women are rarely forgiven. If a woman is attractive to men, then there is no guarantee that she will not be seduced by someone better, sexier and more masculine. In the case of the ugly woman, this option immediately disappears. And she will certainly forgive the betrayal of her man, as she is afraid to be left alone. It s not a fact that someone will pay attention to her.

The hunter refuses prey

The most interesting thing about this situation is that a man by nature a hunter… The woman must be unavailable. And the more beautiful a woman is, the more she signals inaccessibility and that she will not just surrender to the mercy of the winner. Accordingly, the hunter should chase his prey without being distracted by external stimuli. Only in real life does prey scare away, not attract.

You can imagine the following picture: a man with a gun walks through the forest. He was going to shoot a wonderful, juicy hare for lunch. But when he sees him, so cute and fluffy, he suddenly feels a sense of fear and, lowering his gun, picks mushrooms for dinner. But the hare is cute and fluffy, he does nothing wrong, peacefully chews grass among the flowers. And I wanted meat, not mushrooms, but I have to be content with what I have.

This is how the fear of a man before a beautiful woman comes suddenly when she appears. Sometimes this phenomenon takes serious forms, leading to loneliness throughout life. Scientifically, this phobia is called venustraphobia… In advanced cases, a psychotherapist helps.

How to identify a beautiful woman

It is also interesting to determine the criterion by which a man classifies a woman as beautiful. After all, it so happens that outwardly women are equally attractive, well-groomed and sexy. But one of them is not in demand among men. In this case, some kind of internal mechanism of the man is activated, which makes it possible to determine exactly which of the women is, albeit slightly, but worse. He will approach her for the above reasons.

If one of them is older, then the man will choose her as an object of acquaintance. Age will play a role here. The older a woman is, the less quotation she has on the marriage market. This means that he will not refuse, and will not suppress his man, try to dominate him. But since every man has his own measure of beauty, then one fine moment the second woman will turn out to be less attractive in the eyes of a representative of the stronger sex, and then, without fear of her beauty, he will approach her to get to know her.

What are the reasons for a man s fear of beauty? For each they are their own, special, coming from the depths of the soul. Fear is generally an inexplicable feeling, and even more so. It happens that in his youth a person did not feel anxiety about this, however, having received several refusals from attractive individuals, he learned a life lesson: Beautiful is dangerous! It turns out that for women, beauty is a kind of protective coloration, like the red color of a ladybug. Birds do not touch that, men are in no hurry to establish a relationship with this one.

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