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Technology does not stand still. Today we have access to something that a couple of decades ago we could not even dream of. This also applies to acquaintances – every year they are increasingly moving into the virtual space. Good or bad – it s definitely not for us to judge. Here are some interesting facts about online dating that you probably didn t know about.

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10 facts about online dating10

  • 80% of dating site users lie about themselves. Most often, deception concerns height, weight, age, financial situation. The tendency, frankly, is so-so – during a personal meeting, everything will fall into place anyway.
  • 39% of women are afraid that on a dating site they might meet a serial maniac. In fact, the probability of this is extremely small – the chance that a bag of money will fall on your head is much higher.
  • Every tenth user of a dating site is a scammer. Everyone has a chance to communicate with him, and it is quite real.
  • Only 32% of online dating ends with a real meeting. All the rest of the communication remains in the virtual plane – there are many reasons for this.
  • According to statistics, men, when meeting on the Internet, pay attention to what is written in the questionnaire of a potential partner. In turn, girls mainly look at men s photos.
  • For 32% of users of dating sites, a well-filled profile is a key factor in dating. Therefore, do not be lazy, filling out your profile, and google words that cause you doubts.
  • 80% of users of dating sites are people between the ages of 18 and 35. This will greatly surprise those who are convinced that virtual dating is for age losers.
  • 44% of people registered on dating sites have children.
  • 18% of people who have profiles on dating sites are married or in a relationship. They are among those who do not go on dates – people just communicate, while experiencing a certain moral pleasure.
  • 46% of dating site users ask their friends how best to fill out a profile. It is noteworthy that even 10 years ago, a profile in a dating service was something shameful. Today this is the norm, which cannot but rejoice.

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