TOP 10 proven life hacks, how to meet a girl

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Dating girls is hard. Even if in the end everything goes like clockwork, the guy will still be notoriously nervous. However, there are some effective tips that will help to greatly simplify the process and make dating less “painful”.

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  • 1 TOP 10 Ways to Meet a Girl

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  • Be open and confident. Yes, it s trite, but it works. Use non-verbal “tricks” – open gestures, eye contact, smile. This will endear the interlocutor to you.
  • Offer help. Girls rarely refuse, especially if they have to carry a heavy bag or bag on their own.
  • Pay attention to the little things. How the girl is dressed, what drawings are shown on her clothes, what she carries in her hands. Play on this – you will already have your first topic of conversation ready. And the stranger will be surprised at your insight.
  • Ask for advice. Another commonplace recommendation that works flawlessly. Wherever you are, whether it is a queue in a supermarket or a housing office – contact the girl you like with the question “how to get through”, “what is better to buy”, etc. Be brave!
  • Contact “you”. You should not be familiar and disrespectful from the very first words. Believe me, the girl will appreciate such a gesture.
  • Give a compliment. Girls love with their ears, and that s a fact. Just don t be trivial – besides laughter or rolled eyes, you don t have to wait for another reaction. Show your imagination!
  • Don t disturb your personal space. You should not try to hug the girl, touch her, even if you do this with the aim of shaking off the stranger s coat, to which something is attached. Do not cross the line of acceptable intimacy if you have not received permission to do so.
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  • Do not be distructed. Situations are not uncommon when, while meeting a girl, a guy thinks about something of his own, as a result of which he loses the thread of the conversation and looks lost. The probability of continuing communication in this case tends to zero.
  • Refer to the girl by name. Be sure to ask her name, and by no means forget! During a conversation, call your companion solely by name – no “kitties”, “zai” and the like.
  • Be yourself. No need to portray a pick-up artist or a ladies man. You should not speak in pre-prepared templates.

And if suddenly all this did not help, and the girl still refused to meet – do not despair! This is definitely not a reason to “drop” your self-esteem and become a monk.


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