Who is he, the perfect guy? What should it be? How many people, so many opinions. Each girl has her own ideal. One wants a rich and cute boy, the second will be grateful if she finds a loyal and affectionate life partner.

Don t look for a copy!

One of the most deplorable mistakes is finding a guy who looks like someone else. For example, the search for a guy like Brad Pitt or Johnny Depp is unlikely to end well. Yes, they are great actors. Yes, their appearance may be ideal for someone, but in addition to their appearance, one must also take into account the inner qualities of a person. Alas, the longer you date the copy guy, the less he will resemble the original, the less you like it. And the handsome man is unlikely to have a wonderful character. In addition, after a while you will start to be jealous or break up, as many girls may like your boyfriend. The result is not a fairy tale, but a complete failure. The fictitious “star” will think only of himself, selfishly rejecting the needs of other people, so you shouldn t make the search for a young man who is necessarily like someone else the meaning of your life.

Ideals are rare… It is possible, however, to single out several patterns, several qualities of guys that especially attract beautiful ladies. Let s consider the main criteria.

The guy shouldn t be a drinker

He can drink on holidays, but that s all. A lot of fights occur due to excessive alcohol consumption by one of the partners. Cheating and scandals can firmly enter life. A person who is not addicted to alcohol is more positive and optimistic than an alcoholic. In our time, it is very difficult to meet such a person, therefore, if a guy drinks only on big holidays, this is already good. Choose the lesser of evils!

A young man must be independent

Infantile mama s sons cause negative feelings, they are not able to make decisions on their own. Yet it is not in vain that there is an expression “like behind a stone wall.” A man should protect and solve those problems that a woman cannot cope with, and not just stand on the sidelines. And one can hardly expect accomplishments from mama s son.

Sensitivity is a big plus for any person.

If a guy feels when his girlfriend is not well, when she is in a bad mood, has a headache, or is simply tired, this is very nice.


Appearance is also one of the criteria for choosing a guy. A neat looking guy will get more attention than a hunched over young man with unwashed hair and yellow teeth. Just remember that fashionistas are too self-absorbed. And such a position in life does not guarantee happiness in a relationship. If the relationship is serious “I” disappears – “WE” appears. This is the only way to create a strong pair.

Parenting is an obvious plus

The guy should be well-mannered. Knowledge of the basic rules of behavior and etiquette is necessary, since without this it is simply a shame to appear in a decent society. At first, a girl, inspired by love, may not notice the flaws in the behavior of her lover, but after a while she will see them. Hardly anyone will like living with a boorish gopnik.


A guy should learn to take timely initiative. It is worth delighting the lady with spontaneity: unexpected trips to the cinema, gallery or cafe, trips. For entertainment of such a plan, a young man should be responsible, and not his companion, therefore initiative will become one of the most important qualities of a guy close to the ideal.

Pleasant character

Character plays a very important role. It is he who largely determines the development of relations. The chosen one must understand some female actions, forgive small whims, some irascibility and nervousness, so characteristic of individual women. If a guy does not know how to control himself, then this will split the relationship in the future. A girl should not give a guy a reason to quarrel, but he should not be too aggressive.


It is easier to communicate with an intellectually developed person. With a thinking, well-read interlocutor, you can always find common topics that are interesting to both of you. It is very important to talk with each other, it helps to better understand the inner world of the partner. If a person has nothing to talk about, then he will quickly get bored.

Material goods

Material security attracts many girls. But not everyone has money. And those ladies who define this criterion as the most important in choosing a life partner can only sympathize, since the main thing is sincerity and love, and not the presence of banknotes in a fat wallet. Money will not create happiness or turn indifference into love.

Loyalty and honesty

Of course, the perfect guy must be loyal to his girlfriend. A true gentleman does not stare at other girls. The main task of the girl will be not to give her lover a reason to change, although if a young man really loves, there are no girls for him except her.


A man should be able to help provide for a family. A woman should not work alone, and a man should not just lie on the couch. Everyone is able to do their little bit to cover the overall costs.

Each has its own ideal

Everyone has different tastes, each girl has her own qualities in priority, but more often than not, the ideal guy is described that way.

Yes, there are no comrades for the taste and color. One girl may be crazy about a blonde with blue eyes playing the violin, and the other will be attracted by a dark-eyed chef. It should be so. The most important thing is that a guy should eradicate aggressiveness, ignorance and bad manners in himself. Appearance is not the main criterion for everyone., so simple neatness will suffice.

Women of different age groups will look for different men. For example, a woman who has already passed thirty years old will most likely be looking for a good husband and father for future children, but a younger person will just need a cheerful, intelligent and attentive person.

Ultimately, we can say that the ideal guy is a person with good looks, neat, well-read, independent and not deprived of spiritual kindness.

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