What are the pros and cons of online dating?

Recently I learned the story of one of my colleagues who met an interesting young man on a social network. The novel arose serious and there were even talks about living together, while all communication was carried out exclusively via Skype and e-mail. This case surprised me very much and raised the question, is it really possible to find love through the Internet? Moreover, so many are now getting to know each other.

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The pluses of this trend include the fact that dating has become more accessible. Without meeting in real life, you can find suitable candidates and communicate, getting to know each person better. This is an absolute plus for a city dweller, who, as a rule, has a shortage of time to establish acquaintances.

To this we can add that every year the number of couples who met through the Internet is growing. Surely there are similar examples among your friends. This alone suggests that there is a benefit from online dating.

4. Internet communication is time consuming.

Virtual communication takes a lot of time, while a real meeting in many cases immediately puts everything in its place. While we are building virtual images, waiting and wasting time, the very first meeting often gives an answer to the question whether this is my person or not.

So, we conclude that dating through the Internet has its own characteristics, both positive and negative. To avoid the latter, you need to test your feelings and build relationships already in the course of real communication.

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Article published in Issue 10/10/2014

Updated 07.21.

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