What attracts men in a woman the most?

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Margarita Lopukhova

– Margarita Lopukhova

Family psychologist. For 8 years now I have been saving “family units” from disintegration. I help couples to find love and understanding again.

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According to outdated statistics, men were attracted to a woman by a slender figure, lush breasts and an elastic ass. However, numerous studies have been carried out on this topic, and here are the conclusions: appearance has faded into the background and has not aroused the stronger sex for a long time.

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Sexologists, together with psychologists, have compiled an accurate list of female traits that attract men. Details of the research results in the article.

What attracts men to womeni

The way a woman behaves, what scent she exudes, as he says, is considered an important criterion in choosing for a man. But what exactly is so attractive about these fragile creatures? Maybe it s just a flick of eyelashes …

  • Sense of humor. According to surveys of most men, in a woman they are attracted by the ability to laugh heartily and, in turn, not be afraid to seem funny. Women choose those who can cheer them up and not offend them with “peculiar” humor, and for men it is important that their jokes are laughed at. Here it is – an uncommon and very important key to the heart.
  • Risky hobbies. Let s talk about not-so-feminine pursuits. A gray mouse is unlikely to make a man admire her, but a lady with an adventurous hobby will arouse obvious interest. This can be swimming, mountain climbing, skiing, tennis or simple cycling. Such activities bring together and awaken the desire to teach a woman something special.
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However, you should be careful. If a hobby involves discomfort or danger, then it is better to tactfully refuse it. Sexuality, then, should not outweigh.

  • Independence. Men like to look after a woman, to feel that she, in some way, is dependent on him, but they find great attraction in emancipated women. Such people are confident in themselves, they firmly know what they want and how to achieve it. For such men will be ready to do anything. But here s the bad luck. As soon as a woman begins to ask for help, the desire to provide it begins to evaporate. A man is a conqueror by nature and does not like being asked for something. Such is the system.
  • Emancipation. Men are attracted to moderately open and liberated women. However, this does not mean at all that you need to reveal all your cards and show your true nature in the first minutes. Mysteriousness should be combined with minimal relaxedness. Such a combination will play into the hands of any woman and will endear the opposite sex to her.
  • Education. It is not necessary to understand higher mathematics and have a Nobel Prize in biology. It is enough to get carried away with your favorite business and be able to maintain a conversation. Intelligence will always be in vogue, and smart girls are all the more attractive.
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  • Kindness and responsibility. You don t have to be blunt and blunt to attract a man to your camp. Thought: “Will love and such” rarely works. A woman who knows how to find the right approach and smoothly direct the situation in the right direction is appreciated by men in a special way. Kindness shows a woman on the good side, and responsibility signals that in difficult times one can expect support, help and seriousness to the situation.
  • Mature appearance. It seems that a man should be annoyed by rare gray hair, early wrinkles, “adult” makeup. However, no. A lot of people really like the maturity of the image. Research shows that men born to women over the age of 30 tend to choose older women for long-term relationships. This gives confidence in the future, which allows you to create a strong family.
  • Beautiful hair. It is worth noting that healthy and shiny hair is the main attraction for men. The length is not so important in this case. You can make a beautiful styling with a short haircut. Many men prefer a woman to wear her hair down. But there are those who like messy buns on their heads.

It is also noteworthy that the list of unattractive things includes: dyed in an unnatural color, oily and too short hair. Such an image will clearly not be to the liking of the stronger sex.

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  • Bright lipstick, clothes. The favorite of men is red. Weakness and strength for a man rolled into one. It symbolizes passion, desire, love and fire in relationships. It is believed that the red color is exciting (resembles the shade of the labia and vagina). But research shows the opposite: it s all about attracting attention with brightness and originality.
  • Makeup. The makeup story is the opposite. Men prefer a light accent on the lips and eyes. Mascara, glitter and blush are a favorite basic set.
  • Aroma. The delicate fragrant aroma of the perfume, combined with the natural scent of a clean body, captivates the minds of men and makes them trail behind a woman like they are kittens. Light floral or citrus scents are the best options. A sharp negative is caused by bright “grandmothers” or cheap perfumes.

Well-known brands today create lines of unique perfumes “For Him” ??and “For Her”, bringing together and exciting the mind.

  • Well-groomed nails. A modest manicure and neatly trimmed nails, along with a beautiful styling, defeat men. Despite the fact that the ladies are trying, for the most part, to build up their nails as long as possible, the stronger sex is not happy with this. If the composition of “vampire claws” is complemented by peeling varnish, then there is no need to wait for approval and admiration from a man.
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Also, men like it when women with short fingers get longer nails. It gives femininity and charm.

  • Ability to cook. The old adage that “the way to a man s heart is through the stomach” is still relevant to this day. For men, it is extremely important that their chosen one knows how to cook and can please with a delicious dinner. Cooking is the best indicator of caring and love.
  • The ability to create beauty. If a woman loves to decorate her house, create something with her own hands, be it clothes or interior items, and also come up with unique images for herself, then she will be incredibly interesting to a man. The stronger sex has always been attracted by creative beauties with many ideas for arranging their home and a desire to transform the old into the new.
  • Maternal care. The overwhelming majority of women have a pronounced maternal instinct. They are drawn to take care of children, take care of them and spend almost all their time with them. This behavior is very attractive for men, as it shows the reliability of a woman and her desire to have children, which promises the creation of a strong and healthy family.
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  • Voice. Men like to be spoken to in a half-whisper. But this tactic is much more intimate, and at first they are attracted by a confident, sensual and melodic voice. Especially if it is combined with an expressive look and a gentle smile.

Now, having figured out which traits are attracting the stronger sex, women may not wonder how to behave in order to please the man of their dreams. Sincerity, naturalness and simplicity are the priorities today. As you can see, it takes a little for magic. However, it can do incredible things too.

Margarita Lopukhova

Margarita Lopukhova


Family psychologist. For 8 years now I have been saving “family units” from disintegration. I help couples to find love and understanding again.

In the modern couple, gender roles have become a very vague concept. Having said that “a man should” or “a woman should”, you can hear a flurry of negativity in your address. Today, no one owes anything to anyone. Men are attracted to a woman by the ability to be independent and self-reliant – the guys no longer want the girl to sit at home and deal exclusively with cooking and children. In turn, women do not expect from guys that they will provide them “from” and “to”. Girls have their own source of income and prefer to remain independent. Everything is changing, and these are definitely positive changes on the path to gender equality.

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  1. avatar

    Long thin legs cling to me in a girl. I really like tall girls. I try to meet only with them.

  2. avatar

    Appearance plays an important role in making a guy like him, but if her character is not very good and she is too arrogant, then the guy will not stay long.

  3. avatar

    Guys have so many requirements for a girl, but they themselves are very lazy to take care of themselves. Many people find it difficult to get their hair cut once a month.

  4. avatar

    If a girl does not take care of herself, then it is unlikely that anyone will like her at all with her inner rich world.

  5. avatar

    There are no perfect people. Therefore, there is in every person some peculiarity that catches a person. It is this feature that the guy likes.

  6. avatar

    A girl should combine everything: beauty, intelligence, intelligence, kindness. Then you can definitely hook a man.

  7. avatar

    That s for sure, some girls go too far when they behave too vulgarly. Then such a girl who is too open just wants to spend the night, but no more …

  8. avatar

    A slender figure certainly attracts. First of all, you pay attention to the appearance, and then to the inner qualities of the girl.

  9. avatar

    And it seems to me that men really like it when girls behave like defenseless and they need the help of a particular man. When they feel that they are strong with this girl, then consider that you have already conquered him)

  10. avatar

    But I like natural girls. Who do not wear short skirts and do not radically change their appearance with makeup. Sportswear and basic makeup. It s enough)

  11. avatar

    Men are hunters by nature, that s why they like the smells, voice, appearance of the girl.

  12. avatar

    Men really like strong girls, but it gives them more pleasure to win this strong girl. That they conquered her and now she is with this guy.

  13. avatar

    Of course, I appreciate her kindness and responsiveness in a girl, but if she looks like Freddy Krueger, I will never be with her, and I will not pay attention to her. The girl should take care of herself at least a little.

  14. avatar

    Bright clothes certainly attract attention, but I really don t like it. When a girl dresses brightly, it means she wants to attract attention to herself, which is more repulsive.

  15. avatar

    I am amazed by men who like a girl to have well-groomed nails, but nevertheless do not pay attention to a new manicure. And in general, they do not pay attention to many things.

  16. avatar

    Men like to be snoozed with like little children. They then become kinder and want to snuggle closer to the chest))

  17. avatar

    I am most attracted by the girl s long hair. I love when they are loose, well-groomed and natural in color. I also like their smell.

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