How many times, my dear Women, have you heard this phrase in childhood: “Well, you are a girl!” Yes, girl. So what? Often we were told this phrase precisely when they wanted to say that we don’t need to do something or we need to do something wrong. Since childhood, it has been fixed that being a girl is a limitation. We were anchored on mistakes and mistakes with this phrase.
It would be a completely different story if every time we did something beautifully and creatively, we heard: “Yes, how beautifully you did it Girl!” As a result, when we grow up, we do not really know what it is like to live like a woman. We remember that all the time they acted somehow differently from the girls, but how it was necessary – this is still a mystery to us. We have studied the “field of failures”, but we still do not play on the “field of success and implementation.”

And we make the first and main mistake – we take literally the phrase-template that a Woman should be weak. That is, in order to be a Woman, I have to remain small and sacrificial ?! If I become strong and fulfilled, then immediately I am no longer a Woman. By the way, who then?

If you perceive the Force not as rigidity and assertiveness, but as an internal creative source of everything around, then the significance of the female Power can hardly be overestimated. The Great Power of Shakti is the very essence of the creation of the World! This Power attracts, conceives, nurtures, materializes. If we, Women, do not remember that we are this Power, are afraid of this, do not choose our Great Motherhood in relation to the whole World, then the whole future comes into question …

Where does the Woman begin?

With the acceptance of this Power of Shakti in oneself! Such a strong Woman is needed everywhere, for she creates by herself creation, beauty and harmony. She changes any space in which she appears, leaving it behind her better than before herself.
The woman in each of us begins with the fact that we “go out of the head.” Yes, we “go crazy” in our hearts! We begin to feel more and trust our intuition, not denying the mind, but not putting it in charge from now on.
The woman in each of us begins with the fact that we are aware of our influence through our states. We are creating space, not being influenced. It is the Woman who sets the emotional score at home, at work, in relationships with the tuning fork of her feelings. When a Woman is good, everyone is good, when it is bad, everyone is bad.
And, of course, a Woman begins with Love! To love is natural for a Woman. Precisely to Love, and not to suffer. The woman in each of us begins with the choice of Love! Love is not like possessiveness and appropriation – I love you – you are mine. And an all-encompassing feeling of acceptance and sincere Faith (Love – People of God Know). After all, we can Love even those who are not with us.
A woman begins in us with the Gratitude of the Universe for the fact that in this incarnation I am a Woman! With the pleasure of living your Path just like a woman.

And, if the question arises: “And in a woman s way – how is it? How can one realize oneself as a Woman and live a most interesting, creative, harmonious female destiny? ” – I will be glad to share with you the knowledge of how you can, step by step, day after day, remember yourself at the Course – Marathon “CONSCIOUS FEMINITY”.

I sincerely and with all my heart love the Feminine, I see, I feel this Power in the World and in Women, in each of us. When I created this Marathon, I collected the most effective practices so that we can precisely realize ourselves as a Woman at every moment and live this moment as a Woman. We will gather at the Big Obrezhny Women s Circle for 21 days. Do you already feel what kind of Power is behind this? Until the creeps … Everyone will find a place in this Circle, we will try to give each of them as much warmth, love and acceptance as is needed now. I invite you to whom my words echo. Who hears me with her heart.
21 days of Magic and Love. Briefly, succinctly, deeply and effectively, like a woman and consciously!

Our Circle is open – take your FAVORITE places!

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