The mere fact of being born in a female body is usually not enough for us to live this life like a woman. For a Woman to be born, this birth must take place in the Heart and in the Body. And a woman cannot gain anything from arguments, discussions, mental battles. Mind deciding to be a Woman will not work. A woman “turns out” from inner silence, unity with herself, from feelings and subtle sensations.

We remember ourselves, we remember what it is to BE A WOMAN! A woman is not just a certain period of the life cycle when we are in the childbearing period. A woman is a state from the first to the last breath! Even through the girl, the feminine is manifested, it already exists and does not go anywhere during menopause. From the first to the last breath! You re a woman! If you remember and choose this at every moment of your Being! You were a woman in the beginning, you are a woman now, and you will remain a woman in the end.

The Woman has a unique Power (Sidha) – this is motherhood at all levels. This is not only the birth of new people. This is all that arises in the Female field (thoughts and feelings) – will be borne and born and will live on. Therefore, at all times, Women knew this sacred information – your thoughts and feelings are what then gives birth to a new World. Don t like the World that was born? There is no one to blame … You are the Great Mother of your creation. This is not about the fact that: “Excuse me, I also … destroyed the chapel? “No, that was before you, in the fourteenth century.” Women tend to take on themselves “sins” for everyone … But the wisdom of balance is precisely in understanding their personal responsibility for what happens in the World without excesses.

And also a Woman is capable of conceiving, bearing and giving birth to herself … New herself! Like a pearl, layering layer upon layer of your understanding. Not like a man, through a revolution (we will destroy and rebuild), namely like a woman, through evolution, without rejecting all the previous Path and experience. And then the Pearl becomes unusually beautiful with its mother-of-pearl – an experienced and integrated female experience.

We all give birth from ourselves. From his personality, identity, psyche, subconsciousness, outlook on life. The way we will be – this is how we will “give birth” to the World. A lot depends on the Woman. From whether WHO IS SHE remembering? Does she do the most important thing – herself and her inner World! Her true prayer is a prayer for harmony with oneself, for understanding oneself, for loving oneself!

A woman who is not aware of herself is not aware of her Power either. And then she only knows how to flirt and seduce in order to find what she is looking for outside – self-worth! Do not be afraid of material women, be afraid of those who are not confident and disappointed in themselves! This explosive mixture will be worse! The one that does not love herself and will lead you to dislike. He has a war with himself inside him and grenades of doubt are torn, fragmentation scattering in all her connections with people. With all our Power, sometimes we, Women, fall upon ourselves and instead of silence inside we have a cannonade of claims to ourselves and to the World. What do we give birth to from the state of War? That s right, the cruelty of the World.

For many centuries, women believed that they had to sell themselves “at a higher price” – a good education, a prestigious job, successfully marry a husband. Greatness cannot be sold. Too expensive. And here a deep fear of loneliness is born. Remembering yourself is very scary. It is more convenient and safer to be “in a dream” of ignorance. But the cost is also very high for such a “dream” – this is Life not lived by you. A life not lived like a woman in a woman s body. Women don t understand how powerful they are. They do not understand the Power of creativity, which lies dormant inside each of us.

Where to begin? How to wake up from this “dream” of forgetting yourself?

• Transfer attention to yourself (what happens to me is important)
• Empower yourself with your feelings (no grades)
• Trust your feelings and your intuition
• Reveal your sexuality and not be afraid of sexual energy
• Accept the fate of their parents for the full “cost” they “paid” in their lives for their experiences without judgment
• Remember that in your relationship with your parents you are only a child (do not take on heavy things that do not belong to you)
• Clear life scenarios from resentments, claims and prejudices.
• To be able to address the “subtle” World, to connect the subtle and dense World in oneself
• Create Beauty and Harmony by yourself

It was in order to start the process of “remembering” oneself in a safe Feminine space that I created the “Matrix of Feminine Happiness” course. A woman is happy when she is whole! When all of its parts are put together. We will open our deep memory, written in our Matrices. This course is the foundation that will become your inner fulcrum and the point of no return. Revealing your true femininity, you realize your uniqueness, you will be able to harmoniously build relationships with men and be realized in society easily and with pleasure.
And then you will be able to breathe deeply and relaxed from a new state: “Being a woman is happiness!”

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