I sat on the balcony and enjoyed absorbing the gentle autumn Sochi sun. One could endlessly just sit, breathe, look at the horizon line going into the junction of the sea and sky. If you try to describe each city through the metaphor of a Woman, then Sochi is a very charming Woman. Such, next to which you just want to be. She is relaxed and not in doubt about her beauty, and from this emotionally generous. Unlike Moscow, which is businesslike and luxuriously hasty, Sochi is imposing and unhurried. The mild nature, the climate is favorable. Despite the fact that I am still that “migratory bird” and have seen many cities, it is Sochi that is the place where I could and would still like to live, except for Moscow, which I love very much, and she is my close “Woman”. But only here, in Sochi, I can just watch for hours … Nowhere else have my thoughts so naturally calmed down from contemplation. The attractive power of Sochi draws in itself at first sight, easily and completely imperceptibly.

How did the city do it and how do people do it?
How do women charm in general? Magic? Enchantment? Is it all about beauty !? Is this taught or are they born with it?

And so I return to my dynamic Moscow and find myself inside thinking that I’m already thinking, how to return again to the “one” that holds my heart tenderly, but very tightly. Soft paws of their charm.
“Teach, how do you do it?” – I refer internally to this space.
And I began to remember Women, next to whom I experienced the same feelings and a new meeting with whom was always a joy for me and came to the following conclusion:

1. Charm is the agreement of Soul, Feelings, Body and Mind. All charming Women are always natural and complete in their manifestations. Charm is not a compliance with some standard canons of beauty, but the mutual Love of the Feminine inner essence and all its manifestations. Reason mutually loves sensuality and corporeality. It is a pleasure for the soul to be embodied in all this variety of possibilities and forms. This Body is the best form for this Soul. This reciprocity is very magnetic.

2. Charming Women are not waiting for a holiday, they celebrate Themselves at every moment of being! They enjoy life, bathe in Self-love without egocentrism. They know how to love themselves so much that they want to be involved in this Love. Therefore, they are attracted.

3. Charisma is not a style of behavior, flirting and skillful manipulation of attention. Charm is the state of the “field” of a Woman. It cannot be “played”. This is the quintessence of the inner World of a Woman. This is her unique “energetic scent”. You can, of course, disguise the notes of discontent and claims with an expensive selective perfume, but they will still appear after the trail of “disguise” dissipates.

4. Charm manifests itself in everything, in every movement and word. It is in communication with both Women and Men, with children and animals. It is in the way a Woman eats, talks, sad, laughs. It is not used in a utilitarian way for relationships only with Men. It is the language in which the Woman speaks to the World.

5. Charming Women do not strive for perfection and they do not live in a perfectionist hell. They make mistakes and try again. They are not “dwellers”. Even such a hash tag was born # of the goddess of the woman. It is not charming with ideality, but with the uniqueness of the combination of appearance and inner world.

Yes, charm can be learned! People, cities, cats and so on. The latter are generally the embodiment of the skill of charm. You just need to be able to observe how many such Teachers are in the space around. Charm is an invisible, energetic part of Beauty. Without her, beauty is just a candy wrapper.
Sophia Loren subtly and accurately described the nature of this phenomenon: “Beauty will set you apart from the crowd, intelligence and wit will create a reputation, but charm will make you irresistible.”

Charming is the one who was able to feel his worth, was able to accept himself and can generously share himself, endowing others with the recognition that they are unique and valuable. And if it happened that your parents did not love you, did not see your uniqueness and value, could not accept you as you are, due to your personal characteristics and limitations, this does not mean that the magic of charm is not available to you. Love yourself, take an interest in yourself sincerely! And then charm, as the ability to love and be in harmony with oneself, to celebrate with all the Soul Life itself in every moment – this is what can become both a skill and a gift for you and for the people next to you!

What is charm
What is charm

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