Couples break up on the initiative of a man quite often. Sometimes a woman is not abandoned for the first time. When such a situation repeats itself all the time, everyone will begin to lose faith in themselves … and in the decency of the entire strong half of humanity, too.

But nothing happens without a reason. Let s figure out what most often leads to a breakup and try to avoid these common female mistakes.

10 things men hate

1. A woman clings to words

A woman s emotions are stronger than those of a man, so often a man does not even notice some words or little things that are important for a woman. From here, conflicts begin in the “empty”, in the opinion of the man, place, which subsequently lead to major quarrels.

2. Constantly blames and criticizes her man

This is often due to the fact that the woman is simply not busy enough or unhappy with her life. Then she starts looking for someone to blame. And you don t have to go far – here he is, sitting next to him on the sofa. But who wants to constantly make excuses and experience emotional pressure?

3. Tries to change the chosen one

Often a woman finds traits in her partner s behavior or character that do not suit her. Then she begins to correct them. And a man, on the contrary, seeks understanding in a woman. He wants her to accept him for who he is.

4. Smothers with love, depriving of personal space

A man in spirit is a freedom-loving creature. Therefore, any prohibitions on the part of a woman (be it friends, hobbies, free time) will not lead to anything good. And if they are also backed up by jealousy and regular monitoring, then the letter is gone. It is important to learn to respect your partner s personal boundaries.

5. Doesn t believe in a man, laughs at him

We all want to be loved, respected and supported. And a man is no exception! Treat him the way you would like him to treat you. But do not overdo it and do not “turn on mommy.” Do it like a loving woman!

6. Competes with a man, constantly proving material, moral or physical superiority

Competition in a man s blood. From an early age, boys compete with each other: who is stronger, faster, smarter. But they perceive a woman as a weaker and more tender creature, he wants to love and protect you, and not fight with you. Competition between partners kills love, because a man ceases to see you as a woman if you are “cooler” and more successful than him. This infringes upon his manhood, humiliates him. Therefore, discuss your achievements with your friends, you do not need to “poke in the nose” of your chosen one.

7. Compares him to other men

Oh, how sometimes in my hearts I want to tell him that here is your ex, dad, friend s husband … And you … (substitute your values). Blame your partner for his shortcomings, which supposedly others do not have. But, dear ones, for a man it is also unpleasant, as if he were comparing your appearance with some beautiful woman. And not in your favor, of course. Do not offend your loved one! Let him know that for you he is better and more important than all other men in the world.

8. Talking too much

Some women are overly chatty. They are able to talk for hours, jumping from topic to topic. It is difficult for a man to concentrate on a large flow of information and fast female speech.

And some women start talking about their former relationships. It annoys and hurts men terribly. Refrain from this topic.

Therefore, it is better to choose your girlfriends for long intimate conversations – both the sheep are safe and the wolves are full!

9. Constantly dissatisfied

A man considers the house to be his fortress, where he can take a break from work and stress. And of course, it s more pleasant to do this in the company of a contented and joyful person, and not a whining or screaming energy vampire. Charge each other with positive, both of you need it.

10. Stops looking after his appearance

There is such a tendency among women – to dress up and paint for some purpose. It can be an important event in life or a desire to please a man. But why, when a man is “hooked”, the woman completely “scores” on herself? Remember: the man fell in love with you beautiful and well-groomed! Do not test his love, turning from a beauty to a little wife in a dressing gown from sitcoms.

I described the external reasons for which men “run” from women. But your internal attitudes play an important role too. A woman s insecurity, mistrust of men, fear of tying the knot, insincerity in a couple – all this destroys a relationship. Read about it in the article “Why do men leave me?”

Do not create unbearable conditions for a man. Remember that although you are a family, he is a separate person, with his own habits, desires, character. And then your only one will not want to run away anywhere.

Lyudmila Ivanovskaya,

psychologist, trainer, specialist in the field of relations

and family constellations

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