Why are men afraid to introduce a girl to her parents?

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For any guy, the moment a girl meets her parents is perhaps the worst thing that can happen in life. They are afraid of this meeting like fire. They will come up with a thousand and another excuse to delay the fateful moment. However, if a man is determined to have a serious relationship with a girl, the moment of meeting his parents is inevitable. But why are guys so afraid of him?

  1. The guy does not want to show the conditions in which he grew up. Perhaps it was a dysfunctional area, or his apartment is poorly renovated, there are no comfortable living conditions, etc. A man may be afraid that after seeing all this, the girl will change her mind about him.
  2. The man is ashamed of his parents. Millions of children grew up in families with low material and social status. Perhaps his parents have bad habits that can make a negative impression on the girl. Delaying the moment of acquaintance or postponing it altogether, the guy is simply trying to protect his beloved from negative emotions.
  1. Parents may be pre-disposed negatively against the companion of the son. There are also families in which the parents are categorically against almost all the girls with whom the child introduces them. They make exorbitant demands on the future companion of the son s life, behave inappropriately with her, even insult her. Another option is that the parents already have a potential candidate for the role of the son s girl, and they do not want to see any other woman next to him.
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  1. The guy does not communicate with his parents and does not see the need to introduce them to his beloved. There are situations in which parents, at the time of adulthood, send the child “to free swimming” or do it even earlier. In this case, the guy just needs to explain the situation to the girl in order to avoid misunderstandings.

Of course, there is always the possibility that if a man does not introduce a girl to her parents, he simply does not consider this relationship to be serious. In the case when the relationship has lasted for more than a year, and that very acquaintance does not happen – the girl needs to think about this and seriously talk to her beloved.

What if the man doesn t introduce you to your parents? #PhaseRosta #YaroslavSamoilov

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