A romantic relationship is a very delicate matter, consisting of the emotions and experiences of two completely different people. Modern society has long forgotten the rule – one love, one relationship for life. Freedom and other values ??of the 21st century encourage personal growth, the search and creation of one s own individuality for a fairly long period of time.

Secrets of male psychology

Guys deliberately enter into serious relationships. Fleeting romances a day / two / a week, they do not really matter. They clearly understand what kind of partner is needed according to today s emotional background and life circumstances. The dissimilarity of male and female thinking gives rise to many conflicts. If the weaker half gives priority to feelings, experiences and words, guys prefer to act rather than conquer and convince with verbal arguments.

Often, the initiators of the breakup of a long-term serious relationship are girls who emotionally find it easier to get through the situation. It is not typical for men to notice details, trifles, analyze behavior, mood swings of their dear halves.

Reasons for breaking up a relationship

Unforgivable actions and words… For each, the criteria for deception and betrayal are individual. Some men leave after the slightest hint of inconsistency with the image of the strong and successful. For the most part, the last point can be cheating, both physical and emotional. After such actions, a lot of time must pass for the bitterness of betrayal to dull. The stronger sex perceives betrayal like an apocalypse in relationships. This is a personal insult, the greatest humiliation that can happen. Therefore, despite the strongest feelings, the guy steps over himself and says goodbye to the windy lover.

Different directions of development… Over time, not only relationships change, but also life circumstances. Passion for sports, art, change of work, moving to another city / country leaves few points of contact for lovers. This is especially true for couples with a long history of relationships. Feelings and emotions lose the brightness of colors, habits, and the regularity of life becomes unbearable. On the path of self-development, everyone tries to develop their talents, which are not always clear for a partner. Lack of respect and the right to freedom of choice are unacceptable for a man, and an attempt to limit him in hobbies becomes a signal to escape from the usurper.

Personal characteristics of the girl… Low self-esteem, as well as exaggeration of one s own merits, can cause a guy to doubt the conformity of the chosen one. Sudden mood swings, excessive emotionality and obsession will scare anyone. Despite the fact that feminism has been walking the planet for a long time, more and more men are looking for fragility, femininity and softness in their companion. Proving once again that I can do everything myself – and make repairs, and build a career, and repair a hairdryer, the girl condemns herself to loneliness. In such situations, the guy simply does not see the implementation with such a companion.

Fear of a permanent relationship… Responsibility not only for oneself, but also for the girl is increasingly becoming an insurmountable barrier for men. Knowing yourself in different situations and communicating with many women is a natural desire for youth. And it will take time to find a partner who will suit all criteria. A distinctive feature of the fair sex is that she considers every guy who shows sympathy for her as a potential husband. The need for constancy in men comes much later, by the age of 30-35, after changes in the hormonal and emotional background. The framework of a serious relationship limits freedom and requires most of the time to be devoted to your chosen one, which can oppress adventure seekers.

Why do guys return to their former lovers

  1. It often happens that a harmonious couple in love unexpectedly breaks up on the initiative of the guy. To better understand themselves and their desires, men need time and space. Loneliness and separation will become the litmus test for true feelings. Left alone with yourself, you can appreciate your partner and his value.
  2. The desire to temporarily wait until a new, more successful relationship. The guy is satisfied with the care and attention that he receives and enjoys love for his own comfortable state. Selfishness borders on cruelty, the girl s heart wakes up again, if you do not see the hypocrite in time.
  3. The new darling did not live up to expectations. Long-term relationships create a similarity in worldview, tastes, habits and, succumbing to passion over time, the guy begins to realize that he has abandoned a loved one. The new girl will definitely be different. After the passion and emotions subside, negative character traits will become an unpleasant surprise, and the former companion will become ideal against such a background.
  4. Fear of change. Building your life from scratch will require will and determination, which is not characteristic of every man. The usual comfort zone can be associated with an abandoned lover, and to achieve inner peace, it is enough to resume meetings. An understandable and predictable relationship is often more attractive to the stronger sex.
  5. Reconciliation occurs due to the prevailing circumstances. Pregnancy, illness, troubles that arise in an ex-girlfriend can cause a desire to help and protect her. Such nobleness is distinguished by true gentlemen, for whom the priority is given to the moral values ??of a real, strong man.

Honesty and frankness between lovers are the best cement for long lasting relationships. Attempts to manipulate feelings are an imminent fiasco for both partners. And returning the old love, you need to be ready for compromises to create a harmonious WE.

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