I was motivated to write this article by a certain number of similar stories of my clients and friends.

Why does a woman endure when she is cheated on, not appreciated and for years not called to marry?

And at the same time, she continues to love, care and wait for him to make up his mind and make a choice to be with her.

Very often the reason is a woman s low self-esteem, she herself does not even understand how beautiful, intelligent, interesting and deserves a different attitude towards herself!
Therefore, she agrees to such an unhealthy relationship where she is not appreciated and respected. Where you can forget to congratulate on the holiday, show up for your birthday later than everyone else or without a gift at all, change, do not spend the night, and so on.

The question is – why put up with all this? What hole inside ourselves do we close with the help of such men? And the hole is still the same – dislike from childhood and self-doubt, but at least someone is nearby and there is still a wild fear that he will leave, give up and you will be left alone.

Isn t it too high a price to endure such an attitude towards yourself, to understand that you are not loved and appreciated, but it is just so convenient for him, but yes, there is sex, and the food is not bad – beauty. Well, let him show neither love nor tenderness and you have nothing to talk about, but he is near and I am not alone.
Somehow it’s not healthy, don’t you think? And not about such a relationship you dreamed of, but just got it!

What to do, you ask? Probably, first take off your rose-colored glasses, that he will change and you will deserve his Love). Love cannot be earned – it is either there or not! And there are men who are not able to love and give, they can only take and be where it is convenient for them.

But is it convenient for you next to him, this is a question …

Life is yours and you have only one and you decide – to be happy or to plug the hole and pretend that everything is fine with you, although your soul is empty and painful that they treat you that way.
Open your eyes, love yourself and be happy!

Margarita Mikhaleva,

certified trainer for Radical Forgiveness,

was trained by the author of the method – Colin Tipping,
Institute for Radical Forgiveness (UK)

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