Today, many believe that a woman loses physical beauty and attractiveness to the opposite sex with age. Ladies who have crossed the thirty or forty-year line often consider themselves “grandmothers” who are not capable of starting a relationship. But what if by this age your personal life has not worked out, cracked or completely collapsed like a house of cards?

Here the opposite tendency comes to the rescue: it turns out that many young guys prefer older women to their peers. On the street you can often find such couples, and female stars often have romances and even marry guys much younger than themselves. Why is this happening? How do singers, actresses and ordinary women get the attention of young handsome men? And what exactly attracts yesterday s boys themselves in such ladies?


  1. Middle-aged and older women are well aware of all their advantages and disadvantages, and know how to use both. Such ladies will not pester the chosen one with questions like: “Darling, have I really grown fat? This is horror! The scales showed plus three kilos! ” They know very well that most men do not notice such a tiny weight gain.
  2. It is more interesting to communicate with mature ladies. They are educated, they know how to keep up a conversation on almost any topic, they can discreetly control the course of the conversation themselves, they know what and when to speak, and what is better to keep silent.
  3. Grown women are not as dependent as young girls on the opinions of others; or independent of it at all. They do not so clearly suffer from what their friends say, the mother, the host of their favorite program. They are mature, self-sufficient individuals, they have their own experience and opinions about many realities of the world. And this sometimes saves male nerve cells very well.
  4. Older women know exactly what they want. They build life according to their own rules, play with those with whom they want and what they want. They are interested in long whirlwind romances.
  5. The grown-up ladies have a rich life experience, they have already felt on their skin the meaning of the proverb “What we have, we do not store, when we lose it, we cry.” This is why they value time. The time the boyfriend gives them. Time for love, romance, passion. They will not spoil this time with inappropriate statements, tantrums and scandals.
  6. Many already like adult bearded men, in the literal or figurative sense of the word, simply do not have enough mother s affection. Maybe a parent rarely kissed in childhood, maybe their Oedipus complex plays with all colors, but in partners older than themselves, such guys are looking for a replacement for their mother.
  7. A man may be disappointed with his peers. Girls of his age may seem superficial, careless, simply uninteresting to a too smart and serious guy.
  8. A woman can also be disappointed in her peers, not to find among them as beautiful, cheerful and passionate as she wants. Or it may happen that all the peers are already … busy.
  9. Blurring of gender roles. The previous generation considered a good couple in which a man is older than a woman, most likely because by the age of thirty, when a man achieved a certain status and financial stability, a woman lost the lion s share of beauty. Today, not all men are interested in being the notorious “earners” and not all ladies reduce their lives to a stove and diapers. Therefore, everything is possible …


Older women are accustomed to solving their problems themselves, without pestering their spouse or boyfriend with petty tantrums and scandals. And independence in the 21st century attracts most men, especially young ones. In addition, a girl with a richer life experience can help her companion in some way, suggest a way out of a difficult situation – and he will listen to her words.

These women are usually already established in terms of careers, so they are very busy. The older lady will not call her boyfriend every hour during working hours, she will not bombard him with kilograms of aimless mimic SMS, demanding tireless attention to herself, she will not be jealous of trifles or no reason at all.

Sex and children

Mature women much freer and more educated in the intimate sphere… Neither know perfectly well how to please a partner and get it herself. They are not shy about the flaws and characteristics of their bodies. And they are much more likely than young people to agree to experiments. Or they may even offer to do something from the category of “oh-ho-ho!” In bed. Fun fact: the peak of female sexuality occurs at thirty years, and male – at eighteen. What is not the reason?

Many women at the age already have quite adult children, which means that the maternal instinct of such women has been realized, and the lion s share of their attention will go to the chosen one. That is why quite beautiful and successful young mothers are so often left without male attention, and their marriage can crack or even collapse – dads cannot compete with the baby, to whom most of their mother s time is devoted.


Adult ladies are financially at least independent. Men, however, use this fact, as they say, “each in the era of his licentiousness.” Some simply enjoy the fact that the chosen one does not definitely need their money; others are more free in the choice of gifts (according to the principle “it is not the price that matters, but the attention”); still others are happy to receive expensive gifts from their loved ones: well, the fourth simply live on the maintenance of their rich “mothers”.


In fact, all ages are submissive to love. Perhaps a man and a woman just met – and fell in love, forgetting that she was, say, forty, and he, for example, twenty-five. And they are happy. Just. Without any reasons.

Each love story is unique. And it is not public opinion that writes it, not grandmothers on the benches at the entrance, not grumpy gossips of both sexes in social networks. Two loving hearts write her. No matter how old they are. And only in their power to make this story happy and long.

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