Very often the following situation happens: when a man likes a girl, and he is ready to date her, but for some reason unknown to women, he begins to ignore the girl. It is in this question that we will try to figure it out in this article.

Women think it’s them, but in fact a man doesn’t behave this way because of the woman or because of her behavior. Everything seems to be fine – partners like each other, but for no apparent reason, the partner begins to ignore the girl – who is very upset by this factor.

But sometimes the girls themselves make mistakes and are perplexed because of their mistakes. Very often, a girl thinks that the guy likes it, but in fact he does not feel any feelings for her and does not know how to get rid of her, and therefore ignores her. First of all, you need to understand if your partner really likes you., and only then look for answers to your questions.

The following will describe why a guy can ignore a girl he likes.

Unpreparedness for a serious relationship

One of the common reasons is that the guy is not ready for a serious relationship and therefore ignores the girl. After all, a man understands that if he begins to actively show his feelings towards you, then all this will drag on for a long time and a serious relationship cannot be avoided.

After all, a man is not a little boy, he understands that if he wants a serious relationship, then this will be his only companion who does not need to be changed. Many men are afraid of losing their freedom.

Yes, of course a man wants a serious relationship, but not now. After all, every man wants a family, but, unfortunately, they grow up later than women. It is for this reason that unions are very frequent when a man is a couple of years older than a woman.

Thinks a woman is good for him

One of the reasons why a man ignores a woman is that he believes that he is not worthy of her, since she is too good for him. Also, a man may be afraid that he will not be able to provide for a woman, since her requests are not combined with his earnings.

A man may also be afraid to speak directly about his sympathy only because he is afraid that his feelings will be rejected. After all, men are stronger than women are experiencing a rebuff of feelings.

A very common situation is when a girl is beautiful, clever and lives in a decent family. And the guy, in turn, is from a simple family, no different from the gray mass, and then he is simply afraid to invite the girl to meet, since she can make fun of him. Of course, guys fall in love with such girls quickly, and they can t help themselves, they only have to suffer from unrequited love. But in fact, you need to take a risk by inviting the girl to meet, and perhaps the sympathy will be mutual.

This situation is very common in films where everything ends well. But this is not a film, but life, and therefore you need to treat the situation a little differently. But in life, in general, such a situation is rare, basically all men are arrogant and they will only take advantage of the position of a girl, since every person wants to live beautifully. And if you want to live, be able to spin.

And those men who believe that the girl is really good for them are very rare and most often they have low self-esteem. And with such a man, hardly anyone wants to continue a long relationship.

A responsibility

Sometimes a man begins to ignore a woman, because he is afraid of responsibility and wants her to control all relationships. This is the type of men who are accustomed to playing a female role in a relationship. They are used to being constantly commanded and controlled. A man is more accustomed to seeing a leader as a woman, whom he can follow and be sure of the correctness of his actions.

A man can behave this way for several reasons, for example, because he has seen similar relationships in other families, and they are all satisfied with them, that he could repeat this for his family. If we are talking about such a case, then the guy, as it were, unconsciously shifts the responsibility onto women s shoulders, he does it as if by accident.

Also a man can take on a female role because of a woman s behavior… Indeed, very often we have to deal with women who are rude, impudent and used to solving problems themselves. Remember, you should never let your man know that you are in charge of the relationship. When you solve family issues, do not take into account the opinion of your man, those female characteristics that begin with indecision begin to develop in him.

Also, do not overwhelm a person with calls and sms, maybe this is a familiar style of communication for you, and a man does not want to communicate like that at all, but he has to answer your calls. That is, without even knowing it, you can change your man for the worse and harm your relationship.

Special move

Sometimes a man ignores a woman, since this is his move, due to which he attracts the opposite sex. Men want to make it clear to a woman that they don t really need his attention that much. If women manage to show indifference simply, then this cannot be said about men.

The goal of a man in such a game can be called that he wants you to bring down your own worth. A man wants to be in charge of a relationship., thereby lowering the woman below her level. But not every lady likes this production. You should not be led by a man s provocations, you need to know your own worth, and not go below your level. Then the man will understand that it is easy to change you and will use it all the time.

But don t flirt too much. After all, a woman will also not sit and wait for you for a long time, she will simply find another, and a man will suffer from the fact that he has lost such a woman. Of course, in such a situation, self-esteem suffers and the person experiences mental pain. Women, who are also stubborn, want to be difficult for men to reach, want men to seek them out and give gifts. It is necessary to understand that a man should not lower a woman, he himself should become better in order to seem like a real man against her background.

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