The question that worries all absolutely women is why men are constantly trying to humiliate them? Probably no one fully understands this. In this matter, not only psychologists can be competent, but all women who have lived a difficult life. They raise children, give them their whole soul, and only because they have something to live for they endure humiliation and insults all the time. Only one thing can unite tyrants and gentle, affectionate guardians of family comfort – a sense of duty.

It is necessary to start from the very beginning in order to fully understand all the reasons for this behavior in men. So, everything starts from the most significant day in the fate of every woman – a wedding. Marriage in itself means that now there is a person with whom you want to live your whole life and share joy and grief. This wonderful day simply cannot but remain in the memory of women, as they begin to create their own family, where they will be bereginians and loved ones.

But everything can change over time or immediately after marriage. Every person has a different life. And no one will be able to say who your chosen one and loved one will be when he becomes a husband. Will he also compliment, give flowers and make surprises? Or maybe he will find fault with trifles and try to reproach every time that you are a bad hostess or that you have not dressed in the right way, behaved wrong, and this can all be expressed in a rude form.

It seems that everything, you can always be together without thinking about anything, but the husband just begins to change before our eyes. For what? You ask yourself repeatedly, but you don t hear the answer. And not having figured it out, leaving everything as it is going with the flow, now taking it for granted. Maybe initially there was some hope in you for a change for the better, but know that they will not be

What could be the reasons for this behavior of a man?

It is necessary to disassemble everything in order to answer this question:

  1. He is afraid that you will begin to disturb the space that was only his own. Before that, there were always friends, rest at any time and some activities and what household chores might be. Of course, any woman will try to train her precious, but believe me, it will be even worse. Everything can end up with an inadequate reaction.
  2. Your marriage was the mistake of your youth. The question arises, why then live together, not allowing you to try something else? A little time will pass and both spouses will face accusations of wasted years and wasted time. Naturally, insults will begin.
  3. Upbringing. This is probably one of the most important reasons. Even in childhood, we hear how our parents communicate with each other, what they say to each other, how they solve life problems. And if the father constantly humiliated his mother, then this will become the norm for the child. This is how all other women become insignificant.
  4. Spouse s behavior. Women are different, just like men and can be divided into categories. Some love and value their other half, while others blame the man for the fact that there may be some problems, begin to insult and humiliate him, showing that he is no one and nothing. Think about what you can get in return? Of course, insults of the same kind, if it does not come to assault.

What to do when a man starts to offend?

It is always necessary to find a compromise. And not only a woman, but also a man should think about this. You can sit down and talk in a calm atmosphere, without any accusations or insults. Never reproach each other for anything. If the spouse does not have a desire to communicate, then do not force him, do not impose yourself on him. If the conversation has begun, then just ask why he offends you… Often the cause can be jealousy, which no one likes to talk about and admit.

Suppose that the conversation between you took place and went quite calmly. Draw conclusions. Think over everything from start to finish, try to understand it. It is also possible that his behavior was so aggressive, for some important reason. Give him some freedom. Let him start to get bored, want to hug and quickly return home. You, too, do not sit within four walls, waiting for his arrival. Every woman wants to see her friends, go shopping, beauty salons. So rest from each other.

There are many things you can advise, but you need to do the right thing by choosing one of the proposed options. As much as the wife tries to understand her husband, the husband will try to understand his other half. Of course, this does not apply to men who just love to be bullied and get great pleasure from it. You can call them mentally unbalanced people and you just have to run away from such people. Conversations, persuasions and explanations will not help. It s just useless.

What should women do who endure humiliation and abuse on a regular basis? Everything can be combined with beatings – the worst option. Of course not to endure. There is always where to go, who to turn to. If you have children, take them with you. Better for them to live and not see all this horror. And remember, in the future, they will repeat the fate of their parents. Wives will be beaten and humiliated. And girls will not reckon with men. That s better? Or can you do it differently?

Only women need to solve this problem.… Men are like little children. They will not be able to overcome the constant desire to have power over someone, but naturally they always choose the weakest. In a family, not only wives, but also children can suffer. Although they are not guilty of anything.

Therefore, it is imperative to think very well about your life with the person you want to see next. Communicate more with your future spouse and try to see in him not a prince on a white horse, but a living person. Accept all of its shortcomings and decide whether you will live with them or not. And after marriage, nothing will change, especially for the better. Men are hunters and are always looking for prey. They should not kill another person morally from idleness and lack of fulfillment, and when they are ignored, it is possible also physically.

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