Why does a woman need a man?
Why do you, dear, Man in Life?
Let s try to figure it out, filtering out everything superficial, formulaic, Vedic and correct …
Let s leave the lived, realized, alive …

Now in our modern World there is no longer such a strong dependence of a Woman on a Man as it once was. Now our life does not depend on the Man … Clara Zetkin and Rosa Luxemburg – two German communists who mixed politics and intimate life, received an explosive cocktail “Strong and Independent”, which we still savor together with cats. The active were Women. Defined the role of women in the revolutionary struggle. The revolutions are over – the struggle remains. And broken algorithms about what it means to be a Woman are passed from generation to generation. In a skirt, but on an armored car. Since I can vote, it means equal, and since I can climb on an armored car, it means the main one. So we moved from fighting for equality to fighting for leadership.

So why do we need a Man? If I can now do everything in our world by myself ?! And to be honest, I can. I can earn money, I can make decisions, I can cope with difficulties myself, I can look for knowledgeable people in what I do not know, and thereby solve my problems. Even sex is not an “unsolvable” problem. I hope there are no prudes among my readers, and we understand that, sometimes, a woman herself can give even more pleasure, knowing the needs of her body.

But still, the issue of relations is very acute. Why? What do we expect from a relationship with a Man? Why do we need it? What is being born inside you now in response to this question?

A woman does not always really understand what she wants from a relationship. What exactly does she want, what are her desires? Be like “behind a stone wall”? What is this about? About someone solving your problems for you? Well, and if you honestly look at it? That is, at the expense of Men, we are trying to solve our financial and physiological issues, as well as raise our self-esteem?

When our Soul chooses the experience of incarnation in the Female body, it needs exactly the experience that we can get here as Women. Not like a sexless creature! And it is not necessary to say that the Soul has no gender. You, as a person, have a gender! Fact! Yes, and you are a spiritual being living a human experience! In a human body that has a gender identity!

A woman looks at the World of Men and thinks: “Here everything is in their hands. It is unfair! I want it too! I can! Here is a suitable armored car. And you, Man, did not stand, and did not stand at all …” , breathed in deeply and began to lament: “Well, where are you real Men?” Somewhere inside, each of us knows and realizes that this is far from harmony. This does not mean at all that a Man should be strong and in charge, and a Woman should be weak and weak. Both must be strong. Choose to be strong. They are looking for their Power. Each his own.

A strong person is a person who is in contact with his desires, who has or is able to find the resources to realize them and who is responsible for his actions. And this definition is universal, suitable for both Women and Men. It s just that our desires are, in essence, different. Unless we start climbing on someone else s armored car. And we climb there, in fact, from the desire for Love, oddly enough. I miss her so much that I climb higher, suddenly there it will be more visible where she is. True, while I was climbing, I could forget why I climbed.

Just looking at the realized Men, the feeling is born that I need to go there, somewhere there is happiness. After all, we were all brought up in a system saturated with competition. But it was the Power of his desires that brought him there! These are his victories! They are not yours and should not be depreciated or appropriated. I often come across the fact that a Woman wants a relationship with a status Man, and when you understand the essence of this desire, a huge hole opens up in the field of self-esteem (though camouflaged so that it is hidden even from herself), which I want to compensate for his victories … A woman does not know her Power, what she wants and what she can. And therefore, give me this champion so that I can take over his victories at once, and then it will be obvious to everyone that I am cool. The Man himself, as a person, as a person, as an infinite world of his inner experiences and realizations, is often not needed. All that is needed is his victories and status. Since there are none …

So what do you really want? Where is the power of your desires leading you? If I m strong, does that mean lonely? NO!

They say that it is difficult for a man to be next to a strong woman. It is difficult with the one that holds the siege on the armored car. It is difficult for everyone, even for herself it is difficult for herself. It s easy with a strong one, it s interesting with her.

So why do we need Men?
To make it interesting to follow the Path!
Do you know which Men you want to follow? For those who are in contact with their Power. They don t need helpers, but they need companions. Strong people are looking for those with whom they can go along on the journey of life, from time to time changing directions and roles – because nothing is static. We all need “our” people on the Path. We need “our” strong ones.

The strong respect each other s victories, are proud of these victories without the need to appropriate them.
The Strong help each other by Inspiring when their breath is running out.
The strong motivate by their example not to give up when they want to give up.
The strong live a living Life!
And # it s interesting!

A woman needs a Man to walk her Path like a woman …
I will never become as strong as you, as a man. It is your Strength and your ability to achieve! But, looking at you and at your victories, I feel admiration! And this is already my Power and my ability to Admire and Love!
And I m interested in you!
And you are very much needed, and you are free …

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