It is worth forgiving to:

  • you had the energy to achieve your goals and fulfill your desires;
  • you were healthy and energetic;
  • you have been able to build a relationship based on love and trust.

    First of all, resentment is a rather unpleasant experience that takes a lot of energy from you and it is difficult for you to achieve your goals, you often do not have the mood or even the strength to do something. Because energy is needed to achieve goals, and if it is not there, then your dreams and desires will not come true.

    Resentment practically “destroys” all the positive attitude and joy of life, it is difficult for you to smile, and there is little that can make you smile.

    If we carry resentment in ourselves for a long time, we suffer from a heavy burden of pain, anger, resentment within us, they literally poison us from the inside.

    Just as we cannot grow a rose on a pile of garbage, we also cannot be happy, having a load of resentment, first we need to clear the place so that something new can grow in its place.

    Resentment, if you do not get rid of it, tends to accumulate, first in our subtle body, and then goes to the physical body, which can lead to various diseases.

    One of the causes of oncological diseases is considered precisely the long-term experience of grievances.

    Resentment greatly affects your life, on relationships with people, we cannot create harmonious relations with a person if we have a grudge against him.

    Having grudges indicates that you have beliefs.
    That is, if you are offended by someone, you have deeply negative beliefs. And most often we ourselves are not aware of these beliefs, but they, nevertheless, continue to influence our life, being in our subconscious.

    You can use the Satori (Radical Forgiveness) Game to see what beliefs are driving your life.

    Resentment and love are two incompatible feelings. Where there is resentment, there is no love and no full-fledged relationship!
    In order to build a happy and harmonious relationship, you first need to get rid of grievances, forgive everyone who hurt and disappoint you, free yourself for a new one!

    And if you are ready to forgive, I will be glad to help you!

    Margarita Mikhaleva,

    certified trainer for Radical Forgiveness,
    was trained by the author of the method – Colin Tipping
    at the Institute of Radical Forgiveness (UK)

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